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2017-04-11 07:39 pm

Vermillion Room

Fandom: Persona 4, Persona 5
Pairing: Yu/Akira
Rating: T
Category: M/M
Summary: Yu learns more about Akira's Velvet Room.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. I wrote this when the Japanese version of P5 came out, but held off on posting it due to minor spoilers on P5's Velvet Room mechanics.

Yu was at the kitchen counter, chopping up some carrots, idly thinking about his shopping list for tomorrow. They were almost out of curry powder, and he needed another half-gallon of milk, and wasn't there a sale over at the grocery store this weekend?

A presence ghosted behind him, and soon hands were settling around his waist. "Akira," Yu murmured, not even fazed.

"Whatcha making?" Akira breathed into his ear.

"Stew," Yu answered succinctly. He used the flat end of the knife to push the chopped carrots out of the way, then grabbed a bell pepper and continued chopping.

Akira watched him work for a while. After the pepper, Yu moved onto a beef block. As he began to cut it, Akira remarked, "Maybe Igor should hire you. You're good at this."

"Hmm?" Yu wondered what Igor had to do with anything.


"Chopping, huh?" If Igor was hungry, Yu supposed he could bring some of his stew to the Velvet Room.

"Chopping Personas' heads off," Akira said. "What else?"

Yu faltered in his slicing, causing the next strip of beef to be far larger than the perfectly-sized pieces he'd cut before. "What?" he asked, turning an openly-confused gaze onto the other boy.

"You know," Akira said, waving a hand. "For fusion."

Yu stared at Akira's face, but there were no answers forthcoming. Akira's expression began to match his own.

"With... the... guillotine?" Akira continued slowly, his normal confidence suddenly full of doubt.

"Are we even talking about the same thing?"

"I-I don't know!" Akira stepped away from him. "How do you make new Personas, oh wildcard-senpai?"

The sarcasm at the end there meant he was getting defensive. Yu set his knife down and turned around to face Akira and found him standing there with his arms crossed, clearly agitated. "My cards," Yu said. "They kind of... float up, and combine together to make a new card."

"That's right, you use cards," Akira said, more to himself than anything. "I wonder why it's so different. You even summon them differently."

"What happens in your Velvet Room?"

Akira was slow to answer. "...I don't use cards, you know."

He didn't say any more, and his gaze was directed at his feet.


"You're not going to like it," Akira muttered, not looking up.

"I don't have to like it."

"I don't want to tell you."

"You don't have to tell me."

Akira glanced at him now, clearly startled.

"You... kind of already said," Yu clarified. "A guillotine?"


Akira was playing with his fingers now, trying to avoid Yu's searching eyes. Yu let the silence draw out until Akira filled it.

"Two guillotines," he finally said. "For both Personas."

"And... the new Persona?"

"Is fused from their heads," Akira finished. "I don't know."

Another silence followed. Yu really didn't know what to say. The differences in their situations were so great, sometimes. The fact that Akira's Velvet Room was an actual jail cell was only the tip of the iceberg.

"Do you think..." Akira mumbled.

Yu tilted his head in question, but Akira was still not looking at him.

"I'm broken...?"

Yu blinked. "What..."

"I kill my other selves to create better and stronger ones." Akira raised his voice. "What kind of person does that?"

Akira was trembling. In a flash, Yu crossed the short space between them and enveloped him in a hug. The other boy was surprised, then Yu began to run his back and he began to relax.

"What kind of person does that?" he repeated into Yu's shoulder.

"Someone who really needs that strength," Yu answered.

"I guess..."

Yu tried to hold him tighter. He enjoyed having him close like this. He could feel the rise and fall of Akira's breath.

"I mean, you still have a compendium," Yu murmured. "So it's not like they're really dead if you can have them brought out again."

"Yeah," Akira said. By the sigh that followed, he was not entirely convinced.

"And maybe my card fusion is painful to the Personas too," Yu tried. "I don't really know."

"More painful than a guillotine?"

"At least a guillotine is fast. They don't, you know, suffer."

"I guess," Akira said again, and this time his tone sounded amused. Yu smiled to himself and released Akira from his hug to find the boy smiling faintly back at him.

"Feeling better now?" Yu asked.

Akira nodded. "Thanks."

They gazed at each other for a little while, and then Akira glanced at the kitchen counter.

"Well," he said. "Your stew won't cook itself."

"Maybe I should let you do the chopping now," Yu suggested. "You should be good at it!"

Akira batted him on the shoulder, and they both laughed.

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2016-11-22 08:20 pm

A Promise + A Whisper

Fandom: Persona 4, Persona 5
Pairing: P5Hero/P4Hero
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Prompt from a prompt meme: Wildcard - A promise + a whisper
Author's notes: This is a a crosspost from AO3ffnet, and tumblr.
It's a drabble that resulted from a tumblr prompt thing.

I'll be there at 8 :)

Sitting in the booth at Wild-Duck Burger, Yu read the text on his phone for probably the 50th time. With his other hand, he absently brought a french fry to his mouth and munched on it, hardly tasting it.

It was 8:10. Akira was late.

Since it was in his nature to always think the best of people, Yu tried to be generous. Perhaps his boyfriend was just running late. Shibuya was a busy place, and fighting through the thick crowds of people was never easy, especially if you were taking the subway. Heck, maybe Akira had missed his train and then been forced to wait for the next one. Maybe he'd be along any minute, maybe he'd slip right into the seat across from Yu before he even noticed.

Maybe Yu wasn't being stood up.


Yu scoffed at the thought. He re-read the text one more time, his eye catching on the emoticon. Was it genuine? He didn't know anymore.

It was now 8:13.

This wasn't the first time Akira had failed to show up. Nor the second, nor the third, nor... For whatever reason, Akira had problems keeping their dinner dates. The first time it'd happened, Akira had sent a card via the waitress, which had been cute. The stationery had been so fancy with its red and black lettering. Yu had put it in a scrapbook.

It had been less cute the next time, and after that, Akira had apparently grown complacent in their relationship, instead simply sending Yu a text when he couldn't make it.

Yu wasn't even getting that tonight. In frustration, he sent Akira a 'where are you?' text himself.


All Yu wanted was to spend time with his boyfriend. Was that so much to ask for? Just to have a quiet dinner together. They would talk, though Yu enjoyed listening more. He enjoyed hearing Akira's tales of his classmates' antics. How the teacher had thrown a piece of chalk at him when he'd fallen asleep in class and the chalk had left a noticeable white mark in his black hair for the rest of the school day...

Yu imagined the boy sitting across from him now, with his nerdy (but cute) glasses, his hair so messy that it always looked like it had never once seen a comb in its lifetime, his sweet smile... He imagined holding the boy's hand under the table, maybe entwining their fingers or simply setting his hand on the other boy's knee. Akira would give him those coy looks whenever he squeezed that knee, and...

Even if Akira arrived late, Yu would forgive him if it resulted in that.


Yu snapped his phone shut, trying to force himself not to keep looking at it. At the rate he was going, its battery wouldn't last the night. He ate another soggy fry, feeling miserable.

The door to the restaurant opened, grabbing his attention, but it was just a mom and her young daughter. Not a cute boy with red plaid pants. He watched them order, then idly checked his phone again.


Almost a half an hour now... He wondered how long he should wait. The waitress looked like she was about to come over and ask if he needed anything—Wuck food could do things to people, after all—but he kept his eyes on his phone to deter her.

The worst part was that he'd told Akira. This is it, he'd said. If you're not going to be there, I...

I'll be there. I promise.


Yu blinked away the tears he suddenly felt welling in his eyes. Akira had lied to him. Honestly, if he couldn't be trusted to keep a simple dinner date, then was it even worth it? Yu would be better off with someone else, someone who valued him enough to be there when he needed him, someone who thought he was interesting enough to spend the evening with, someone who genuinely liked to be around him.

Yu squeezed his eyes shut. He had some choices to make. He could forgive his boyfriend (again), or... go through with his threat. He was aware that he was kind of a pushover, and that had to change.

Drawing his lips into a thin line, he decided he'd change it now. He'd give Akira another ten minutes, and if he didn't show up, or at least reply to his text or call... then it'd be over. He'd break it off.


A man at another table was starting to give him sympathetic looks. Maybe he should be dating that guy instead. His glasses made him look really cute, but... Akira had glasses, and that'd only remind him of...

Well, of being stood up in a Wuck like this. A Wuck, of all places. When Yosuke found out about this, he would never let Yu live it down.


Yu didn't know how the time had moved so fast, but the ten minutes were up. He bit his lip hard, willing himself not to break down here in public. He picked up his half-eaten tray of food slowly—just in case Akira would suddenly show up—and took it to the trash can, where he began to throw it all out. The fries sliding down the tray and into the trash felt like the pieces of his shattered heart.

He returned to his table to pick up his coffee. He hurt his throat in the process of swallowing a sigh and tried to get the resulting ache out of his throat by finishing the drink. It had grown so cold by now that it only worsened the ache in his heart.

He couldn't do this anymore.

He left the cafe and headed home, keeping his phone in his hand while he walked. If Akira texted him, he wasn't going to bother answering.

There were no texts.

Yu woke up sometime later because his phone had lit up the room. He was being called. The ringtone was the one he'd set for Akira, something classical because he'd always thought 'classy' was romantic.

He reached for the phone with a groan.


Yu scowled at the 'Now calling...' display. Now he wanted to go out? Over three and a half hours past their intended date time?

His entire body shaking, Yu held up the phone to his ear and accepted the call. Akira's voice immediately came over the line. "Yu, thank god you're there. Listen, I'm sorry, but I—"

"W-we're through," Yu interrupted, the hurt in his voice unmistakable. "You promised."

"Yu, listen to me, you don't understand! I need you, I'm—"

Yu slammed his phone shut so hard that he almost broke the case. Breathing heavily, he hugged his pillow so tightly that he almost cut off circulation to his hands. He hiccuped and hot tears began to roll down his cheeks. He cried himself to sleep for the second time that night.

"I'm in jail," Akira whispered into the phone. A police officer listened in over his shoulder behind him, but the line was now only a dial tone.

Author's notes: ahahaha WELP

This could turn into a longer work if, like, when Yu finds out the next day and feels awful and... but I don't have time for that, so you get stuck with this, haha. I'm sorry.

Please leave comments/kudos/likes/reviews on AO3 or ffnet!

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2016-03-23 09:07 pm

Sleepy Sunday

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yosuke/Yu
Rating: Teen
Category: M/M
Summary: Sometimes it's just hard to get out of bed.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.

It was 11:15 am, and well-past time to get up. Yosuke wondered only for a moment what had tired him enough to make him sleep in so late, because the answer was lying right next to him: Yu.

Yeah, they'd had a busy night.

Yu was currently sleeping on his side, facing Yosuke. He was wearing a loose-fitting set of pajamas and its top was riding up under him. One of his hands was curled into a fist by his face on the pillow, and his other hand was hidden somewhere under the sheets, which were half-off since they'd shifted during the night.

Yosuke himself didn't wear pajamas; he preferred to wear an undershirt and boxer-briefs at night—though he'd shed the undershirt so long ago it was only a distant memory.

Yosuke smiled to himself, then yawned and stretched languidly on the bed they shared. Then he rolled over, intending to get up, but he found his legs suddenly weighted down.

"Partner," he stated, naming the culprit. He tried to untangle his legs from Yu's under the sheets, but the man wasn't budging, determined, apparently, to keep him in place.

Yu's eyes didn't even open. "Stay in bed with me," he murmured.

"It's 11:17," Yosuke pointed out. "By now we've usually done all the grocery shopping for the week. We're way behind schedule."

"Schedule, schmedule," Yu mumbled, waving a hand flippantly, almost hitting Yosuke in the face. "Stay here." He patted the space next to him that Yosuke had already half-vacated.

After a moment, Yosuke let out an over-exaggerated sigh and dropped back down onto the bed, making the mattress bounce. At least his spot was still warm.

"That's better," Yu murmured. He cuddled up to Yosuke, found his arm, and hugged it to his chest.

He seemed content to remain like that. Yosuke indulgently watched him for a moment, then leaned in and planted his lips against his partner's in a soft kiss.

Yu's eyelids fluttered open. Those silver eyes suddenly trained on his made Yosuke shy all of a sudden, so he ended the kiss.

Yu made a 'tsk tsk' sound and pulled him back down into something more lingering. Yosuke soon felt fingers running through his hair. He found his arm had been freed from Yu's grasp, so he wrapped his hand around his partner's neck, steadying himself as he shifted onto his side so that he could face his partner on the bed. It was a little difficult since his lower half was still trapped under said partner's legs.

Yu made a very pleased sound when they separated, and his eyes remained half-lidded as he gazed at Yosuke with quiet affection. The look he wore was one that Yosuke loved and hoped he might never get used to—it wasn't something he wanted ever to take for granted.

They remained there for some time, simply gazing into each other's eyes as if memorizing what they saw in them. Yu's eyes reminded Yosuke of fog—not a cold or gloomy fog, but something warm like the steam rising from a hot spring. He could see his own reflected in them...

"Did you sleep well?" Yu asked softly, breaking the peaceful silence.

Yosuke shrugged as best he could in the position he was in. "I would have, if those cats going at it outside hadn't woke me up in the middle of the night."

Yu's chest rumbled in amusement as he chuckled. "They were only following our lead."

Yosuke batted him lightly with the back of his hand in an "oh, you," manner, but Yu caught his hand and held it in front of him. He turned it this way and that, as if inspecting it, but by the thoughtful look on his face, he wasn't even seeing it.

Yu gently put Yosuke's hand down on the bed between them, then rested his own on top of it. He continued to stare at their hands. Yosuke began to tickle Yu's palm by curling the fingers of his trapped hand.

Yu suddenly began to grin. It was quite a sight, like he'd earned an interesting new Persona or something.

"What's so funny?" Yosuke asked, intrigued.

"You're playing with my hand," Yu explained.

"So?" Yosuke only just stopped himself from following up with 'you have nice hands.'

"It reminds me of how much it bothered you... You know, when we were first dating."

"Oh. Well, that's just it. We were first dating. Everything bothered me back then."

"Not anymore though, hmm?" Instead of waiting for an answer, Yu took Yosuke's hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to each of his knuckles, one by one.

"You're still embarrassing," Yosuke murmured. It was just that his tolerance had increased since then, now that he understood how genuine Yu was with his affection. "...I'm starting to lose feeling in my legs. Could you move?"

Yu sighed and moved his legs off Yosuke's, freeing them. Yosuke sat up somewhat to stretch them, but then found Yu pulling him close. He flailed a little before finding himself flat on top of his partner. They were chest to chest, belly to belly, now.

Yosuke blinked down at Yu's face, then smirked. "Well, this seems familiar," he said, and boy did Yu blush and look away.

Yosuke almost chortled, but then Yu was petting his hair, and it felt too good to ruin with petty teasing. He let his head rest on Yu's chest and soon closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of those beautiful fingers working on his scalp.

"If you were a cat," Yu murmured, "you'd be purring right now."

Yosuke had more pride than to attempt to purr or otherwise meow.

"I just... like having your weight on me," Yu confessed. His fingers were still brushing Yosuke's hair. "Is that weird?"

"You are plenty weird, partner," Yosuke murmured without opening his eyes. "A desire to be my pillow is kind of low on the list."

Yu tugged his hair in complaint, but without any real force.

Suddenly Yu was pushing him off, and a moment later Yosuke found their roles reversed—now Yosuke was on his back with Yu on top of him.

"You're a nice pillow too," Yu said, resting his head on Yosuke's bare chest just as he had been doing before. It was an odd feel; Yu's cheek was very warm against his breast, and a little scratchy since he hadn't yet shaved this morning. "A little bony, though."

"I can't help my metabolism."

"I know, but..." Yosuke felt Yu's fingers trailing down his bare chest down to his belly and then to his pelvic bone. "It bothers me that I can feel your ribs."

"I'm sorry," Yosuke said, mildly annoyed. There wasn't much he could do about it.

"But maybe it's okay," Yu murmured. He moved back, then lowered his head to Yosuke's belly, "because I can do this..."

He began to kiss his way up Yosuke's body, apparently trying to kiss each of his ribs.

It tickled.

"S-stop!" Yosuke began to giggle. He tried pushing his partner away, but Yu wasn't to be deterred. In the end, Yosuke turned onto his side and curled into a ball to block Yu's access to his sensitive belly.

"Aww," Yu complained.

Yosuke convulsed on the bed, trying to stop giggling and to catch his breath.

Yu was sitting back on his knees now. "Should I start calling you Yukiko?"

"If she's even a little ticklish," Yosuke muttered, "Chie probably doesn't get anywhere with her."

"My prince," Yu purred.

Yosuke swatted at him, and Yu just snickered.

A moment later Yu cuddled up against Yosuke's back, then wrapped arms around him from behind. Yosuke found Yu's fingers interlaced over his belly. Yosuke glared at them, believing they might start tickling, but Yu seemed to content just to spoon him.

Yosuke would normally be content, too, but there were things they had to do today. "Yu. We don't have anything for lunch, unless you want some old, expired cup noodles."

Yu made a thoughtful 'mmm' sound. He sounded like he might have almost fallen asleep behind Yosuke. "I thought I threw those away," he said, yawning the whole while.

"I think every home's cabinets aren't complete without a stray cup of instant noodles lurking in its depths."

"And Murphy's law says it has to be your least favorite flavor." Yu sighed. "Is it the spicy chicken one?"

Yosuke just chuckled, a low rumble in his throat. His partner was spot on.

"So," Yosuke said, gently pulling away from Yu but without any force to break out of his arms, "if we wanna eat, maybe we should get out of bed."

"I'm not hungry yet." With that announcement, Yu held him tighter and pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

Yosuke relented, unable to stop himself from smiling. It was nice, being in his partner's arms like this. He could forget about all his worries. And being Yosuke, he worried a lot... It was just in his nature.

"We should go somewhere," Yu murmured suddenly, right against Yosuke's skin. His breath was so distractingly warm that Yosuke almost didn't hear his words.

"What, like take a vacation?" Yosuke murmured back.

"Yeah. Why not next month? Where would you like to go?"

"Not Inaba?" Yosuke asked. They often took weekend trips to Inaba to visit Nanako and other friends. In fact, they'd just gone last weekend.

"No..." Yu answered slowly. "Somewhere just for us. Think about it some. There has to be a place you'd like to go."

Yosuke did think about it. Next month, huh...? He stirred as the answer came to him, turning around to face his partner with such excitement in his eyes that Yu smiled at him in anticipation. "Okinawa?"

Yu blinked, because that was an unexpected answer, but his confusion didn't dampen his excitement. "Sure, but why there?"

It dampened Yosuke's, though. He opened and closed his mouth, unwilling now to tell him. There was a reason he wanted to go there next month, but...


But Yu wouldn't be able to enjoy it with him, so now he felt all selfish. "W-well, there's a concert that'll be playing there," he admitted. "But..." He looked down, away from Yu's eyes.

"Ah, yeah, I'd rather not go to a concert," Yu said. "But I don't mind if you go out and have fun without me."

They'd gone to a rock concert together before, but Yu really wasn't comfortable around such rowdy crowds. It hadn't been enjoyable for him at all, though he'd pretended for Yosuke's sake, and although Yosuke could be ignorant sometimes, he had seen right through it.

He didn't want to make Yu go through that again.

"Yeah, it was a dumb idea," Yosuke said, speaking so quickly he was tripping over his words. "You don't want to go to Okinawa with me just so I can go to a dumb concert..."

Yu began to pet Yosuke's hair. "It's not dumb if you want to go to it. And..." Yu kissed his hair. "It's okay. I'm already coming up with other things I can do while you're at the concert."

Yosuke turned his head up to meet his eyes with a skeptical look.

"I'm sure I can find a good fishing spot," Yu said lightly.

Yosuke began to grin. "You... Yeah, that's..."

Yu kissed him again. "So we can go to Okinawa," he murmured into Yosuke's hair. "And we'll do our own thing that night, and meet up after."

"Sounds good to me."

"It sounds perfect," Yu corrected. "Perfect. Just like you."

"Oh, come off it," Yosuke protested, but he couldn't hide the pleased blush on his face. "There's nothing perfect about me."

"Oh? But your lips," Yu said, kissing him there. "They're perfect." He scooted down on the bed. "And your neck," – he kissed this too – "it's perfect. Your collarbone..."

"Stop, stop," Yosuke protested before he could go much lower.

"Your nipples," Yu said, "they're—"

Yosuke pushed Yu up by his forehead before the man could kiss him there. "Stop, stop!"

Yu laughed, and then laid back down on the bed to rest.

A moment later Yosuke closed the distance between them. "Besides," he murmured. "You're the perfect one."

Yu looked like he was about to say something, but Yosuke shut him up with a long, slow kiss on the lips, and Yu accepted it. They shared more than one kiss like that, letting their lips do the talking, until suddenly there was a rumbling against Yosuke's chest.

"Huh," said Yosuke. "So much for perfect."

"I guess I need some breakfast," Yu said sheepishly.

Yosuke glanced at the clock. It was past noon now. "More like lunch. Let's go out?"

Yu sighed heavily, and Yosuke could tell he just wanted to lounge around in bed some more.

"Let's not make the bed," Yosuke suggested.

Yu smiled and gave him another peck on the lips before finally getting up.

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2015-06-10 08:05 pm


Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke 
Rating: T (for hot makeouts)
Category: M/M
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
Kink meme prompt. I won't post the details of the prompt here because it kinda tells you exactly what happens.

"If you paid even the least bit of attention," Yu said in that aggravatingly calm way of his. He even had his hand on his hip like he always did when he wanted to appear so casual.

"I did!" Yosuke declared, more annoyed than he'd ever been at his friend. "You clearly said—"

The team leader shook his head. "You need to listen when I'm talking—"

Chie and Yukiko watched the back-and-forth, the latter girl gripping the former's arm tightly. The boys had been arguing for a full minute and showed no signs of stopping.

"Uh, g-guys, if you keep that up," Chie said hesitantly, "w-we're gonna get kicked out."

It was, perhaps, a good thing they were the only 'customers' in the electronics department today.

"Look," Yosuke went on, heedless of her warning. "You said, 'Use a Garula.' So I used a Garula. Not my fault that Shadow could reflect it!"

"I said don't use Garula!"

The brown-haired teen crossed his arms with a huff. "When have you ever told me what not to do?"

"Maybe if you were listening to me instead of your music—"

"Maybe if you spoke louder...!"

Yu twitched like he'd been slapped. His face, which had maintained a neutral expression up to this point despite the rising tension, flushed. He turned away sharply and strode away, dress shoes tapping out across the store's tiled floor.

Yosuke, breathing heavily, stared after him.

A few moments later, Chie spoke up. "Uh, you're just gonna let him go?"

He blinked at her. "Well, yeah? I mean..."

Then he frowned, his anger deflating as he realized he'd just had a fight with his best friend. It was the first fight they'd ever had, really.

What if Yu would keep a grudge? What if Yu stayed angry at him and ignored him the next day at school?

Just imagining that made him hug himself. When Chie gave him a funny look, he pretended he was just crossing his arms. "Uh... Did you see which way he went?" he asked as nonchalantly as he could manage.

"He went upstairs, to the food court," Yukiko replied.

What, was he going to calm his anger with a root beer float? Yosuke almost rolled his eyes.

He climbed up the stairs and headed to the table that was their secret headquarters, but Yu wasn't there. He knew Yukiko wouldn't lie to him about this, so he looked around the rest of the food court. It took some doing—his friend wasn't at any of the tables, nor the food counter, nor behind any of the decorative bushes or the trash cans—but eventually he spied the gray-haired boy at the playground. He was in the very farthest corner, sitting on the wood encircling the sandbox, his head bowed low. He didn't hear Yosuke approach.

It took Yosuke a moment to realize his friend was sobbing into his hands. His eyes widened. Had their fight been that bad?

He saw two options before him. The first was to turn around and pretend he never saw this. The other...

He took a deep breath to give himself some courage, then walked right on over to his friend, plopped down next to him, and put his arms around him.

It was only fair! Yu had given him a big man-hug just like this when he'd been crying that one time at the river...

Yu didn't really respond to his presence, or at least did he didn't stop crying, though he allowed Yosuke to pull him into a better position. Now his head was against his chest, and Yosuke was patting his back, telling him that he was sorry, he was wrong, he should've listened better to his instructions. "It's, uh, okay, partner, really. I'll, umm—"

"'s not okay," the other boy finally mumbled. His voice sounded like a croak, broken from emotion. "I'm a b-bad leader."

"You are not a bad leader!" Yosuke scolded.

"I'm a bad leader if you can't h-hear me."

"You are not a bad leader," Yosuke repeated, but Yu was stubbornly shaking his head.

"I'm a bad leader, a-and you know it."

"Look at me, look at me!" Yosuke forced Yu's face up and stared into his eyes, which were all puffy and bloodshot and full of hurt. "You. Are. Not—" he began to enunciate slowly, but Yu was already shaking his head in denial yet again.

Frustrated, Yosuke looked away from him, and that's when the idea came to him: something that would surely get his partner's attention.

Without thinking about it further, Yosuke tilted Yu's head just so and kissed him with his eyes closed.

Yu didn't kiss back, not really, though Yosuke could tell he was startled from the way he shifted, but at the same time he hadn't pulled away, and...

"If... if you were a bad leader, I-I wouldn't have done that," Yosuke murmured.

Several beats passed, Yosuke's heart pounding as he worried about how his partner was going to react. Then Yu blinked and repeated, "I'm a bad leader."

"Oh, you are not!"

"Am too..."

"No," Yosuke told him firmly. He pressed forward and kissed him again and again. "You are," – kiss – "the best" – kiss – "leader" – kiss – "and my partner."

He finished it with one very long kiss. He was blushing now, because that had been one heck of an admission.

Yu's cheeks were pink, too, and he didn't look all that unhappy anymore. But then he shifted in Yosuke's arms. "Don't believe you," he muttered.

"What? What's not to believe? I'm here right now! You led me here, leader!" He chuckled, and then kissed Yu again. This time he felt the boy smile into the kiss.

He drew back and rubbed his nose against Yu's cheek. Now Yu licked his lips. "I... I'm still not sure."

"You're the one who got us through the castle," Yosuke murmured. He kissed the corner of the boy's mouth, and Yu turned into the kiss, catching him on the lips.

Now Yu was taking the lead here, his hand at the back of Yosuke's neck and the kiss deepening. When he pulled away, Yosuke tried to follow with a disappointed sound. "Yosuke... do you really think...?"

Yosuke nodded eagerly and pressed back into his partner's mouth. He ran his tongue over the other boy's lips. Yu parted them, and then Yosuke began to explore the inside of his partner's mouth. It tasted like Chewing Soul, not a pleasant flavor, really, but at the moment he simply couldn't get enough.

"Partner," he gasped when he came up for breath. "You're the only one I ever want at my side."

He felt Yu's hand at his back travel down to his backside. "Yeah?" the boy said casually while his fingers toyed with one of his belt loops.

"Yeah," Yosuke assured him, very aware of the warmth of his partner's hands through the fabric of his pants. "But... serious talk here. What got you so upset...?"

Yu lowered his head until his forehead was resting against Yosuke's chest. "I just... h-hate raising my voice..." he mumbled.

"I love hearing your voice," Yosuke said. "Uh, uh, I mean... Quiet or loud, it's..."

"Mm," said Yu. "I hate shouting. But you need to be able to hear me in the middle of battle."

"You've been doing great so far," Yosuke assured him. "It was just today things went bad..." He trailed off, aware that Yu's fingers were now curling under his waistband. He swallowed. "Y-yeah, d-don't be afraid to sh-shout at me..." His voice was shaking as much as his body.

"I'll try," Yu murmured, his eyes unfocused in concentration. Yosuke felt his fingers inching their way down under his waistband now. He swallowed again, and when he shifted in his seat, Yu used the opportunity to move his hand down further until his hand was most definitely flush against the skin of his butt.

"F-Feeling better now?" Yosuke murmured.

"No," Yu said, his eyes sparkling from the force of his lie. Yosuke snickered and told him he'd make it better. He proceeded to kiss him, pushing his tongue into the other boy's mouth, and he was rewarded with Yu squeezing his butt.

Then Yu drew away suddenly, pulling back his wandering hands, too. Yosuke frowned at him, but Yu was looking past him. He turned to take a look.

"Mama, watch me go down the slide!" a little kid shouted, running towards the playground.

Yosuke sighed. Customers always ruined everything.

Yu patted his hand. "We're going into the TV again tomorrow..."


"I might... need some more reassurance afterward..." Yu's fingers curled around his hand and squeezed.

Yosuke just grinned.

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2015-05-16 01:15 pm

Truth in Someone Else Index

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke 
Rating: G
Category: M/M
Summary: A set of Yu/Yosuke shorts.
Author's notes:  It was meant to be just one story, but I kept writing more so it's become a series!
You can probably read any of the stories on their own, but they're intended to build upon each other and contain minor references to each other.
The series takes place after December in-game and therefore contains spoilers up to, and maybe beyond, that point. Oh, and it's based on the game, not the anime.
The title of the series comes from part of a line in the full version of the song "Shadow World" which is the opening movie theme for Persona 4: Golden (Lyrics here).
  1. Like Amazake
  2. Sliding Scale
  3. What's Wrong With Hearts?
  4. All Over
  5. Tentarafoo
  6. The Search for Yu's Girlfriend
  7. Out and Out
  8. Sleepover Too Soon
  9. Snowy Memories
  10. Every Moment's Enough
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2015-05-16 01:14 pm

Burn My Regret Chapter Index

Fandom: Persona 3, Persona 4 
Pairing: -
Rating: T
Category: General
Summary: In association with the Kirijo Group, Yu Narukami transfers to Gekkoukan High for his senior year, told to be on the lookout for Shadow activity. He pieces together the truth about those who came before him and the events of three years past... while the Shadows draw ever closer.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. Since it's a multichapter story, this post will be a link repository for each chapter.

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2015-05-10 01:17 pm

A Song of Zio and Agi

Fandom: Persona Q 
Pairing: Makoto/Yu
Rating: G
Category: M/M
Summary: Makoto and Yu have a duel to decide who should be leader of their combined team.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
This takes place during Persona Q, right after the 1st dungeon. Minor spoilers? You don't have to have played the game to read this.

The collective members of both the Gekkoukan and Yasogami teams were gathered outside of Classroom 2-2. Garish pink and white heart-print banners decorated the hall, and two oversized vases filled with red roses stood on either side of the classroom's door. Flower petals rained from the ceiling and no one could discern the source. Despite the blithe appearance, it was apparently the next dungeon: the Group Date Cafe.

But before taking their first steps into the new dungeon and braving its challenge, something important had to be established.

"The best candidate for leader," Mitsuru said, "would be either your team's leader or our team's leader. What do you think, Yuki?"

Makoto stared hard at the Yasogami leader, appraising him. The gray-haired bowl-cut kid... With that overly-serious expression on his face, he looked... kind of dorky.

Yu stared back, appraising the Gekkoukan leader in turn. The blue-haired boy could only see through one eye due to his too-long hair. With his slouched posture, he looked... kind of lazy.

"I'll be the leader," Makoto announced.

"I don't think so," Yu replied.

Makoto tilted his head back almost imperceptibly. Some of the hair covering his right eye fell away. "...You gonna fight me for it?"


Makoto smiled thinly and drew his short sword. Yu blinked and then brought out his katana.

Since the weapons were mismatched, Ken pointed out that it wouldn't be a fair fight.

"I would prefer a test of wits to brute strength," Mitsuru murmured, "but if this is how you wish to settle it... Since Yuki is trained in several weapons, I suggest he use a katana as well."

"You can use a katana?" Yu asked, one of his eyebrows disappearing under the bowl cut.

Makoto ignored him and tossed his short sword aside. "Junpei," he said. "Gimme your sword."

"Uh..." Junpei began, but then he shook his head and handed his Iai Katana over. "Are you really going to do this, man?"

"Wouldn't you?" Makoto countered.

The school's hallways were too small for a duel and the ghostly students walking around were distracting. All of the classrooms they tried were cluttered with Culture Festival exhibits, so the group relocated to the first floor of the You in Wonderland dungeon. There was a spacious chamber not far from the initial hallway, the perfect arena for a duel.

Soon the two candidates for leader were squaring off, brandishing their katanas. Their friends were stationed just outside the room so that they were safe and out of the way. Their job was to take care of any Shadows that might appear and try to interrupt.

Mitsuru stepped forward. "If you really must do this," she said with a sigh. "Ready... and begin."

At her mark, the two boys began to circle each other, sizing each other up.

Yu noted how expertly Makoto carried his katana and assumed he really did know how to use it. The boy was trained in multiple weapons... That was rather impressive. The only other weapon Yu had used had been a golf club that one time.

Makoto noted mostly that his enemy was a few inches taller than he was, but he'd single-handedly gone toe-to-toe with larger Shadows and emerged victorious. He wasn't concerned.

It was the Yasogami leader who swung first, bringing his katana down towards the other boy's left side. Makoto parried neatly. Yu followed up with another blow from a different angle, attempting to test the other boy's strength, but Makoto countered and launched into a series of quick blows that weren't overly strong but nevertheless forced Yu onto the defensive.

Makoto couldn't keep up his rapid offense, however, because he was still winded from the recent Queen of Hearts battle. He and his team hadn't been allowed much of a break. He was already breathing heavily from exertion.

Spying an opening, Yu swung with all his might, bringing the heavy sword down on Makoto's with the sharp ring of steel on steel. The boy grunted, sweating as he pushed back with all the strength he could muster. If he broke now, he'd lose. As the moment went on, Makoto felt the strength in his arms beginning to give out.

So he kicked the other boy in the shin.

The unexpected pain made Yu break the hold. His sword clattered to the ground. "That w-wasn't fair!" he cried indignantly.

"Life isn't fair," Makoto informed him with a thin grin. He hefted his sword and stepped towards the now-defenseless boy, determined to make him yield the victory.


A huge figure in a red and black trenchcoat appeared above the gray-haired boy. "Now that's not fair," Makoto remarked dryly while he dodged Izanagi's great sword. It drove heavily in the space he'd occupied just a second before, electricity sparking where it cleaved the ground.

If he was going to play that way, it was time to fight fire with literal fire. Makoto brought out his Evoker. "Orpheus," he called.

The white robotic Persona strummed its harp and Yu yelped as fire appeared at his feet. He danced backward as the flames licked at him until he was out of their reach.

With a growl, Yu imagined his Persona card in the palm of his hand, but before he could crush it, Makoto had already summoned his Persona again. Orpheus brought its harp down right onto the gray-haired boy's head.

Yu rubbed his temple, dazed for a moment. He took too long to recover—Orpheus was out yet again! He realized in that moment that the key to his victory was Makoto's Evoker. He dodged the fireball Orpheus sent at him, and as the Gekkoukan leader brought the Evoker to his head again, Yu summoned Izanagi. His Persona's electricity grounded itself in the metal of the gun and Makoto hissed and dropped it. His katana, too, fell to the ground from his numb hands.

Yu dived for the gun at the same time Makoto did, and in their tussle it was kicked far across the room and effectively out of the battle.

Now Yu was the only one who could summon a Persona. Feeling victorious, he imagined the card, and it appeared in his hand, but then Makoto punched him in the face.

The card disappeared.

"Ow," said Yu. He clutched his nose with both hands. "Dat hurt!"

"What, more than the fire?" Makoto asked. His fist was raised to punch again, but the other boy wasn't trying to summon his Persona anymore, so he lowered it. "More than getting hit in the head by a giant harp?"

"Yeah, actually," Yu muttered, still rubbing his hurt nose. "Prob'ly 'cause it wasn't from a Persona, so it's lasting."

Makoto watched him for a moment. Then he asked softly, "Are you all right?"

"Not bleeding. Still hurts, though." The Yasogami leader shrugged as nonchalantly as he could with his fingers still held to his stinging nose.

"Let me see," Makoto requested. He stepped forward and took Yu's hands and moved them away with care. In fact, he continued to hold them lightly while he inspected the damage. "I think you'll be okay. Wish I had my Leanan Sidhe with me."

"Mm," said Yu. He was going to add a 'me too' but his voice eluded him as he was caught by the other boy's single visible eye. It was a very pale shade of blue, almost gray, and focused entirely on him.

Personal space, Makoto thought with an inward sigh, but then decided he didn't care for once.

The two boys leaned forward at the same time and kissed.

It was soft at first, but deepened mostly from the adrenaline lingering from their battle. Makoto's lips were thin, but he made up for it with skill. Yu's lips were chapped, but he made up for it with the pleasant sounds he made.

Yu tried to move his hands up to steady the other boy's head, but found them trapped in Makoto's pants pockets. He blushed at the realization and broke the kiss, though it was about time they caught their breaths.

"H-hey," he murmured against Makoto's cheek. He'd noticed the boy's earphones. "Maybe you could play some nice music?"

He felt Makoto's thin smile. "I would... but I think the others are going to wonder what we're doing soon."

"Rain check?" Yu whispered. He reluctantly tugged his hands out of Makoto's pockets, because he could see a certain red-headed woman striding towards them.

Makoto didn't reply, but his visible eye danced in a way that seemed to say, 'Yes.'

"Ahem," Mitsuru called from several feet away. "Have you reached an understanding?"

"I'll say." Makoto smirked at Yu, who glanced away.

"Then who is to lead us?" she asked.

"Let him have it—"

"I think he should—"

The two boys looked at each other in surprise. Neither spoke for a long time. Eventually Yu said, "We need some time to discuss this. Alone."

Makoto nodded. "In an empty classroom."

"With the door locked."

"And no interruptions."

Mitsuru folded her arms and gave the two a pointed look. "...I'm sure that can be arranged."

They followed her back to the others. On the way out, Yu picked up Makoto's Evoker from the ground. Before handing it back, Yu kissed the barrel of the gun.

The other boy rolled his eyes before accepting it. So it turned out the Yasogami leader really was a dork...

[Author's Notes: I wanted to write something for protagshipping week but I didn't have any ideas. Then I was looking at the 'PersonaQ' hashtag on twitter and saw someone tweet something that made me cackle and then I kind of used it as a prompt.]

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2015-05-10 12:53 pm

The Bees and the Other Bees

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: -
Rating: T (for suggestive themes)
Category: General, but mentions of M/M
Summary: Kanji finds the 'goods' in Yu's room by complete accident.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
Okay, so it's not really the 'goods' but it's close enough! Rated mostly for themes, not content.

Kanji was left alone in Yu's room. His senpai wouldn't be gone long. He was just walking Nanako-chan to her little friend's house down the road.

Kanji was supposed to be finishing up the algebra problems his senpai had left him with, but dammit he'd never been that good at math this complicated. Calculating the cost of thirty spools of 'red #7' embroidery thread, sure, he could do that in a heartbeat. Just business as usual. But put letters that stand for numbers into the equation and Kanji found it a little hard to follow.

He leaned back in Yu's desk chair, which was a bad idea because the top of the wooden chair dug painfully into his back. Tch, sometimes being so tall was a pain in the ass.

In his stretch, he noticed his senpai's bookshelf. Kanji wasn't much of a reader, but there were magazines in a neat little pile up there. He needed a break, so he lazily reached his arm out and pulled the magazines down.

Fishing, more fishing, women's health (??), a TV guide, even more fishing, and, oh, Daruma magazine. A kimono on the cover of this one caught Kanji's eye. Without further ado, he opened up the magazine and flipped through it, though he wondered why his senpai kept around an art magazine that was published in English...

A folded piece of paper fell out. He scrambled to grab it before it fell to the floor. Tch, it was probably just a subscription form, anyway—

Hmm? No, it was an essay of some sort in Yu-senpai's handwriting. He recognized that deliberate script, though the pen strokes seemed to be rushed near the end. As if the writer had been excited...

And then Kanji noticed the content of the 'essay' and his face turned crimson. S-senpai was writing love letters or somethin'?

'Yu-kun,' he whispered in my ear, his breath hot and promising. I moaned as his fingers slipped under my waistband and

And Kanji choked out an embarrassed and surprised cough as the story swiftly took an erotic turn.

Kanji blinked and glanced at the door, gauging whether his senpai would be back soon.

He swallowed.

He was still reading it—actually, re-reading it—when Yu walked into the room. He didn't even hear the guy return home because he was so, uh... 'lost in the story.'

"Sh-shit!" Kanji swore, and scrambled to fold the story up and shove it back in the magazine, but it was already too late, he'd definitely been caught. "S-senpai... Uhh..."

His silver-haired senpai blinked at him. "What," Yu began. Then he recognized the magazine even though Kanji was trying to hide the title under his arm. "Oh! Oh... You found that." His face flushed a little at that, like 'pink #5' fabric.

"I'm sorry, senpai!" Kanji exclaimed. "I didn't mean to, uh..."

Senpai pulled the magazine from his unresisting hands and took out the paper, unfolded it, and glanced over it. His blush deepened to 'red #9.'

He looked directly at Kanji. "You read this?"

Kanji considered lying only for a second. "Yeah," he admitted.


"I wrote this."

"I could tell." Yu had been the main character, after all.

Yu chuckled and scratched the back of his head, an action he rarely performed. "I'm sorry you had to see that. Embarrassing, huh?"

"Y-yeah," Kanji said uncertainly. "I didn't know you were a writer, senpai. Or that you, err..."

"Like guys?" Yu finished. "Actually, I have been meaning to talk to you about this."

"Wh-what do you mean by that!?" Kanji demanded, hands clenching into fists. The chair squeaked under him as he tensed up in it.

"Kanji," Yu said, not unkindly. "I'm comfortable now with my sexuality. But a year ago, I wasn't. It's not easy to have doubts—"

"I ain't got any doubts!" Kanji declared, raising his fists defensively.

"Kanji," Yu said again.

Kanji let his indignation fade away. He lowered his fists until they were resting on his knees. This was Yu-senpai, after all. The guy who'd saved his ass just a month ago.

...from his queer-ass Shadow.

"You like guys?" Kanji eventually asked.

"Yep," said Yu, apparently completely unashamed. "Can't explain it. I just do."

"How'd you... know?" Kanji asked in as hushed a voice as he could manage.

"I struggled to figure it out," Yu admitted. "Because I kept denying it, telling myself, 'It's not right,' and fighting it. Threw myself into relationships with girls, trying to prove to myself that was what I wanted. It... wasn't." His voice was a whisper at the end, and the pained look on his face was equally painful to look at.

Kanji couldn't think of anything to say.

"So," Yu continued more brightly. "If you find yourself liking, say, a guy... There's nothing wrong with it, Kanji. And, take your time. You don't have to figure it out right away."

Unbidden, Kanji's mind turned to Naoto Shirogane. That damned cute detective who made his stomach somersault into knots so complicated that probably only Naoto could unravel them anyway. Stupid kid and his stupid fashion sense. What kind of teenager wore plaid? And looked good in it?

Kanji hadn't seen the boy in a while and it was driving him absolutely nuts.

"Ye-yeah?" Kanji managed to say through a very dry throat.

Yu clapped him on the shoulder. "Yeah. And you can always talk to me, all right?"

"Y-yeah. Sure, senpai." Kanji paused. "Uh, about that story..."

"Mm?" Yu turned the story over in his hands. The dirty words popped out and caught Kanji's eye, to his private embarrassment. "Maybe I should work on the sequel."

"Wouldn't mind readin' it," Kanji said, the words exiting his mouth without any input at all from his brain.

Yu smiled at him and patted his shoulder. "Little steps, Kanji. Little steps."

[Author's Notes: Someone suggested that I write a 'Yosuke finds the goods' story, but there are already enough of them out there. So I thought, why not Kanji instead? But him finding a gay porn magazine is too obvious... I've been writing an embarrassing amount of porn lately, so I thought maybe Yu writes porn, too. Self-insert porn!

Inspired by "Everyone Writes Fluff" by scatter.]

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2015-05-10 12:40 pm

Cold Winter Night

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke 
Rating: G
Category: General or M/M
Summary: It's cold in Yu's room in the dead of winter. Yosuke sneaks into Yu's futon while he's asleep to warm him up.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
De-anon Kink Meme Fill. Prompt: Souji invites Yosuke to stay the night at his house. The heat's messed up, though, and Souji shivers himself to sleep. He's awakened a while later, much warmer, to find that Yosuke's crawled into the futon with him and is watching him sleep.
This could be construed as cute or creepy, I think.

Yu didn't really need a reason to keep Yosuke over, but the weather report made an easy excuse. Lots and lots of snow. Thankfully snow didn't seem to trigger the Midnight Channel, or else they'd have to stay up late for it, and Yu wasn't sure he could manage it, even with his best friend's company.

"Man, it's cold," Yosuke said for the nth time, glancing away from the video game they were playing and towards the steady stream of soft, confetti-like snow falling outside of Yu's window.

Yu nodded mutely. He was kind of used to how cold his room was—the Dojima residence only had one kerosene space heater, which uncle Dojima understandably kept downstairs with Nanako-chan—but he had to agree. With all that snow piling up, it was definitely going to be a cold one. He rubbed his arms reflexively. They should be getting into their pajamas to call it a night, soon, but he couldn't quite manage to bring himself to take off even the outermost layer of clothing: his school jacket.

"Hey, partner? You're supposed to—" Yosuke cursed as, without Yu's attention, his character fell off a cliff.

Yu yawned and tears formed in the corners of his eyes. "Sorry, Yosuke..." He picked up the controller again, but it was so cold to the touch that he thought his fingers might turn blue. If he licked it, his tongue might get stuck. He was tempted to try that...

"Ah, whatever," Yosuke said, powering off the console and interrupting Yu's bizarre, tiredness-induced thoughts. "If you wanna go to bed, you should just say so."

"I knew you wanted to beat that level," Yu whispered, staring down at the controller in his hand.

"Too late now, partner, I already turned it off!" Yosuke held out his hand expectantly and Yu stared at it until Yosuke made an impatient gesture. "Controller, partner?"

Yu blinked with weary eyes and put the controller in his hand. His fingers brushed Yosuke's palm and the brown-haired boy let out a sharp breath. "Damn, your hands are freezing!"

Yu put his hands under his arms to try to warm them a little in the face of Yosuke's sudden concern. "It's not that bad."

His friend looked like he wanted to say something, but he shrugged instead and then put the controller away in his duffel bag along with the console he'd brought over for them to play.

They changed into their pajamas—Yosuke turned away while he changed because he was shy like that. Yu wished he'd been sitting on his pajamas to warm them with his body heat while they played the game because they were so cold.

With a sigh Yu crawled into his freezing futon—a Jack Frost could call this home—and then curled in on himself, trying to retain the maximum amount of body heat. His blanket, which in summer had made him sweat too much, now felt too thin. He kept shivering and his teeth wouldn't stop chattering.

Despite his fatigue, it took him a while to drift away; he probably only fell asleep because he exhausted himself from all the shivering.

Cold... so cold...

He became aware that he was warm all of a sudden. Well, not completely warm, but much warmer than when he'd gone to sleep...

He sighed and then breathed in and it smelled like Yosuke.

"At least you sleep like a rock," Yosuke's voice murmured from his back.

Yu became aware of the fact that the arm on his stomach wasn't his own, and all the warmth seemed to be coming from behind him.

"Where's your hand?" Yosuke whispered. "Augh, it's still freezing."

Yosuke gently picked up Yu's hand with his own (warm) hand and held it for a moment, perhaps thinking what to do with it. Then he pulled it back and suddenly it was pressed against very warm skin.

"Like ice," Yosuke hissed, but it didn't stop him from keeping Yu's hand snug on his belly.

Yosuke's skin was soft and, of course, warm, and Yu could feel with his fingertips that the fabric of Yosuke's pajama top had been bunched out of the way to make room for his hand.

"Good, you've stopped shivering." Yosuke sighed, and Yu felt his heated breath against the back of his neck.

Yosuke shifted a little, and then fingers were running through Yu's hair. "I'm glad you're such a heavy sleeper," Yosuke murmured. "This would be hard to explain, huh?" He chuckled lightly to himself. "You were just so cold, partner..."

Yu knew he should probably let his friend know he wasn't asleep, but...

"Wish I could get this close to you when you're awake," Yosuke muttered. He paused in brushing through Yu's hair to curl up even closer, and now Yosuke's warm face was at the base of his neck.

"Hey... what if your face is cold...?" Yosuke wondered out loud. Yu felt Yosuke's cheeks warm up at the thought, and in a moment, Yosuke pulled away and then he was tilting Yu's head towards him.

Yu knew that if he opened his eyes, he'd see Yosuke's face staring right at him in the dark, but he continued to pretend to remain asleep, keeping his body limp and his breathing steady.

He felt something warm—wet—tickling his nose. He almost wrinkled it in response, but...

Yosuke was kissing his nose.

Yosuke eventually pulled away—Yu couldn't answer how long that little kiss had lasted—and gently led Yu's head back to the pillow and returned it to its previous position.

"Like a Topsicle, seriously," Yosuke said under his breath.

For several moments, the only sound was their tandem breathing. Yosuke's breathing slowed, and for a moment, Yu thought he'd fallen asleep. Then Yosuke emitted an overdrawn sigh. "You're probably warm enough now."

He felt a small gust of cool air as Yosuke's leg shifted out from under the blanket, presumably to move it the floor to steady himself so that he could get out of Yu's futon and return to his own.

Yu stirred just a little in his 'sleep.' With the action, he pulled back his (now warmed) hand from Yosuke's belly, tangling it with Yosuke's arm in process, and cuddled it close to his body, trapping his friend's arm under it.

There, now Yosuke couldn't leave. Well, not without waking him. Yu couldn't help smiling to himself in satisfaction and hoped in the dark that Yosuke wouldn't notice.

Yosuke yawned against his back. "Fine, partner, I guess I'll stay." He shifted behind Yu until his trapped arm was more comfortable—now his hand was curled up against Yu's chest. It was now almost like an embrace. "Didn't really want to leave..."

A little while later, Yu heard light snoring. His friend had fallen asleep.

Yu tried to join him in dream land, but he had trouble drifting off. Not because he was cold, but because he was content.