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Fandom: Persona 3 
Pairing: Ryoji/Makoto
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Prompt from a prompt meme: Ryoji/Makoto - The Last Kiss
Author's notes: This is a a crosspost from AO3ffnet, and tumblr.
It's a drabble that resulted from a tumblr prompt thing.

Contains spoilers for P3!

"Hello," Ryoji said. "It's been a while, hasn't it? So much has happened since our last meeting."

He gazed upon Makoto, but it was hard for Ryoji to look at him now. He found himself picking at his scarf to avoid doing so.

"I just wanted to thank you," Ryoji continued quietly. "You know. For not killing me when you had the chance."

Ryoji remembered it clearly: how he'd nearly been in tears trying to convince Makoto that his death was the best choice. How he'd shown him his horrifying true form, Thanatos, and how although Makoto had been startled, his resolve hadn't budged an inch.

"I gave you an easy way out, but you didn't take it." Ryoji paused. "It scared me, you know," he confided. "How unafraid you were of death. It scares me still, if I'm perfectly honest."

He stared down at his shoes. He scuffed one shoe against the other as he shifted his weight.

"You're amazing," he whispered.

His shoes didn't answer.

Neither did Makoto.

"I knew from the moment I'd met you that you would do great things," Ryoji said. He felt his cheeks warm, but he didn't understand why this admission should affect him so. "When we first met on the Moonlight Bridge, I mean. I wonder if you remember that. You were just a child, after all."

He waited for an answer he knew he wouldn't receive.

Ryoji breathed in, then out. "You didn't have a choice, but you were all I had. Thank you, for letting me share your life."

And such a curious life it had been. Growing up, Makoto had been such an inwardly-focused boy, but he hadn't been without a sense of humor that only his closest friends could appreciate. There'd never been many such friends, though—at least not until his second year of high school.

Ryoji absently put the edge of his scarf in his mouth while he thought. "I should have believed in you," he mumbled through the cloth scarf. "I didn't think you could do it. You knew what you were getting into, and yet..."

He shook his head, and in doing so, noticed that his fist was clenched so tightly around his scarf that the knuckles were white.

He just didn't understand.

He didn't understand how Makoto could be so...


so selfless.

Ryoji lifted his head to gaze up at Makoto. "I'm so proud of you!" he shouted, tears of said pride welling in the corners of his eyes. "Look at what you've done."

Blinking away his tears, Ryoji floated upwards until he was right in front of Makoto, the stone boy chained to the Great Seal. He set his hands on Makoto's shoulders with care, as if he was afraid the stone might crumble. He stared into Makoto's single visible eye, amused on some level that even like this, his hair still covered the right one.

"I'm so proud," Ryoji whispered again.

Ryoji leaned forward, pressing his lips onto Makoto's cold, unyielding stone lips. He wrapped his arms around Makoto's body, not even noticing how his clothing and scarf caught on the barbed wire, tears flowing down his face.

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Fandom: Persona Q 
Pairing: Makoto/Yu
Rating: G
Category: M/M
Summary: Makoto and Yu have a duel to decide who should be leader of their combined team.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
This takes place during Persona Q, right after the 1st dungeon. Minor spoilers? You don't have to have played the game to read this.

The collective members of both the Gekkoukan and Yasogami teams were gathered outside of Classroom 2-2. Garish pink and white heart-print banners decorated the hall, and two oversized vases filled with red roses stood on either side of the classroom's door. Flower petals rained from the ceiling and no one could discern the source. Despite the blithe appearance, it was apparently the next dungeon: the Group Date Cafe.

But before taking their first steps into the new dungeon and braving its challenge, something important had to be established.

"The best candidate for leader," Mitsuru said, "would be either your team's leader or our team's leader. What do you think, Yuki?"

Makoto stared hard at the Yasogami leader, appraising him. The gray-haired bowl-cut kid... With that overly-serious expression on his face, he looked... kind of dorky.

Yu stared back, appraising the Gekkoukan leader in turn. The blue-haired boy could only see through one eye due to his too-long hair. With his slouched posture, he looked... kind of lazy.

"I'll be the leader," Makoto announced.

"I don't think so," Yu replied.

Makoto tilted his head back almost imperceptibly. Some of the hair covering his right eye fell away. "...You gonna fight me for it?"


Makoto smiled thinly and drew his short sword. Yu blinked and then brought out his katana.

Since the weapons were mismatched, Ken pointed out that it wouldn't be a fair fight.

"I would prefer a test of wits to brute strength," Mitsuru murmured, "but if this is how you wish to settle it... Since Yuki is trained in several weapons, I suggest he use a katana as well."

"You can use a katana?" Yu asked, one of his eyebrows disappearing under the bowl cut.

Makoto ignored him and tossed his short sword aside. "Junpei," he said. "Gimme your sword."

"Uh..." Junpei began, but then he shook his head and handed his Iai Katana over. "Are you really going to do this, man?"

"Wouldn't you?" Makoto countered.

The school's hallways were too small for a duel and the ghostly students walking around were distracting. All of the classrooms they tried were cluttered with Culture Festival exhibits, so the group relocated to the first floor of the You in Wonderland dungeon. There was a spacious chamber not far from the initial hallway, the perfect arena for a duel.

Soon the two candidates for leader were squaring off, brandishing their katanas. Their friends were stationed just outside the room so that they were safe and out of the way. Their job was to take care of any Shadows that might appear and try to interrupt.

Mitsuru stepped forward. "If you really must do this," she said with a sigh. "Ready... and begin."

At her mark, the two boys began to circle each other, sizing each other up.

Yu noted how expertly Makoto carried his katana and assumed he really did know how to use it. The boy was trained in multiple weapons... That was rather impressive. The only other weapon Yu had used had been a golf club that one time.

Makoto noted mostly that his enemy was a few inches taller than he was, but he'd single-handedly gone toe-to-toe with larger Shadows and emerged victorious. He wasn't concerned.

It was the Yasogami leader who swung first, bringing his katana down towards the other boy's left side. Makoto parried neatly. Yu followed up with another blow from a different angle, attempting to test the other boy's strength, but Makoto countered and launched into a series of quick blows that weren't overly strong but nevertheless forced Yu onto the defensive.

Makoto couldn't keep up his rapid offense, however, because he was still winded from the recent Queen of Hearts battle. He and his team hadn't been allowed much of a break. He was already breathing heavily from exertion.

Spying an opening, Yu swung with all his might, bringing the heavy sword down on Makoto's with the sharp ring of steel on steel. The boy grunted, sweating as he pushed back with all the strength he could muster. If he broke now, he'd lose. As the moment went on, Makoto felt the strength in his arms beginning to give out.

So he kicked the other boy in the shin.

The unexpected pain made Yu break the hold. His sword clattered to the ground. "That w-wasn't fair!" he cried indignantly.

"Life isn't fair," Makoto informed him with a thin grin. He hefted his sword and stepped towards the now-defenseless boy, determined to make him yield the victory.


A huge figure in a red and black trenchcoat appeared above the gray-haired boy. "Now that's not fair," Makoto remarked dryly while he dodged Izanagi's great sword. It drove heavily in the space he'd occupied just a second before, electricity sparking where it cleaved the ground.

If he was going to play that way, it was time to fight fire with literal fire. Makoto brought out his Evoker. "Orpheus," he called.

The white robotic Persona strummed its harp and Yu yelped as fire appeared at his feet. He danced backward as the flames licked at him until he was out of their reach.

With a growl, Yu imagined his Persona card in the palm of his hand, but before he could crush it, Makoto had already summoned his Persona again. Orpheus brought its harp down right onto the gray-haired boy's head.

Yu rubbed his temple, dazed for a moment. He took too long to recover—Orpheus was out yet again! He realized in that moment that the key to his victory was Makoto's Evoker. He dodged the fireball Orpheus sent at him, and as the Gekkoukan leader brought the Evoker to his head again, Yu summoned Izanagi. His Persona's electricity grounded itself in the metal of the gun and Makoto hissed and dropped it. His katana, too, fell to the ground from his numb hands.

Yu dived for the gun at the same time Makoto did, and in their tussle it was kicked far across the room and effectively out of the battle.

Now Yu was the only one who could summon a Persona. Feeling victorious, he imagined the card, and it appeared in his hand, but then Makoto punched him in the face.

The card disappeared.

"Ow," said Yu. He clutched his nose with both hands. "Dat hurt!"

"What, more than the fire?" Makoto asked. His fist was raised to punch again, but the other boy wasn't trying to summon his Persona anymore, so he lowered it. "More than getting hit in the head by a giant harp?"

"Yeah, actually," Yu muttered, still rubbing his hurt nose. "Prob'ly 'cause it wasn't from a Persona, so it's lasting."

Makoto watched him for a moment. Then he asked softly, "Are you all right?"

"Not bleeding. Still hurts, though." The Yasogami leader shrugged as nonchalantly as he could with his fingers still held to his stinging nose.

"Let me see," Makoto requested. He stepped forward and took Yu's hands and moved them away with care. In fact, he continued to hold them lightly while he inspected the damage. "I think you'll be okay. Wish I had my Leanan Sidhe with me."

"Mm," said Yu. He was going to add a 'me too' but his voice eluded him as he was caught by the other boy's single visible eye. It was a very pale shade of blue, almost gray, and focused entirely on him.

Personal space, Makoto thought with an inward sigh, but then decided he didn't care for once.

The two boys leaned forward at the same time and kissed.

It was soft at first, but deepened mostly from the adrenaline lingering from their battle. Makoto's lips were thin, but he made up for it with skill. Yu's lips were chapped, but he made up for it with the pleasant sounds he made.

Yu tried to move his hands up to steady the other boy's head, but found them trapped in Makoto's pants pockets. He blushed at the realization and broke the kiss, though it was about time they caught their breaths.

"H-hey," he murmured against Makoto's cheek. He'd noticed the boy's earphones. "Maybe you could play some nice music?"

He felt Makoto's thin smile. "I would... but I think the others are going to wonder what we're doing soon."

"Rain check?" Yu whispered. He reluctantly tugged his hands out of Makoto's pockets, because he could see a certain red-headed woman striding towards them.

Makoto didn't reply, but his visible eye danced in a way that seemed to say, 'Yes.'

"Ahem," Mitsuru called from several feet away. "Have you reached an understanding?"

"I'll say." Makoto smirked at Yu, who glanced away.

"Then who is to lead us?" she asked.

"Let him have it—"

"I think he should—"

The two boys looked at each other in surprise. Neither spoke for a long time. Eventually Yu said, "We need some time to discuss this. Alone."

Makoto nodded. "In an empty classroom."

"With the door locked."

"And no interruptions."

Mitsuru folded her arms and gave the two a pointed look. "...I'm sure that can be arranged."

They followed her back to the others. On the way out, Yu picked up Makoto's Evoker from the ground. Before handing it back, Yu kissed the barrel of the gun.

The other boy rolled his eyes before accepting it. So it turned out the Yasogami leader really was a dork...

[Author's Notes: I wanted to write something for protagshipping week but I didn't have any ideas. Then I was looking at the 'PersonaQ' hashtag on twitter and saw someone tweet something that made me cackle and then I kind of used it as a prompt.]