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2017-10-04 09:06 pm

Nanako Explains It All Chapter Index

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Multiple pairings (and almost no one is straight. Let's leave it at that.)
Rating: T 
Category: General, Multi 
Summary: Nanako Dojima is a sixteen-year-old transfer student to Inaba. She awakens to the mysterious power of 'Persona' and then rocks everyone's world.  Character Swap AU: Nanako is the protagonist, and Yu is her little cousin. Other changes have occurred as well!
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. Since it's a multichapter story, this post will be a link repository for each chapter.
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2017-04-11 07:39 pm

Vermillion Room

Fandom: Persona 4, Persona 5
Pairing: Yu/Akira
Rating: T
Category: M/M
Summary: Yu learns more about Akira's Velvet Room.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. I wrote this when the Japanese version of P5 came out, but held off on posting it due to minor spoilers on P5's Velvet Room mechanics.

Yu was at the kitchen counter, chopping up some carrots, idly thinking about his shopping list for tomorrow. They were almost out of curry powder, and he needed another half-gallon of milk, and wasn't there a sale over at the grocery store this weekend?

A presence ghosted behind him, and soon hands were settling around his waist. "Akira," Yu murmured, not even fazed.

"Whatcha making?" Akira breathed into his ear.

"Stew," Yu answered succinctly. He used the flat end of the knife to push the chopped carrots out of the way, then grabbed a bell pepper and continued chopping.

Akira watched him work for a while. After the pepper, Yu moved onto a beef block. As he began to cut it, Akira remarked, "Maybe Igor should hire you. You're good at this."

"Hmm?" Yu wondered what Igor had to do with anything.


"Chopping, huh?" If Igor was hungry, Yu supposed he could bring some of his stew to the Velvet Room.

"Chopping Personas' heads off," Akira said. "What else?"

Yu faltered in his slicing, causing the next strip of beef to be far larger than the perfectly-sized pieces he'd cut before. "What?" he asked, turning an openly-confused gaze onto the other boy.

"You know," Akira said, waving a hand. "For fusion."

Yu stared at Akira's face, but there were no answers forthcoming. Akira's expression began to match his own.

"With... the... guillotine?" Akira continued slowly, his normal confidence suddenly full of doubt.

"Are we even talking about the same thing?"

"I-I don't know!" Akira stepped away from him. "How do you make new Personas, oh wildcard-senpai?"

The sarcasm at the end there meant he was getting defensive. Yu set his knife down and turned around to face Akira and found him standing there with his arms crossed, clearly agitated. "My cards," Yu said. "They kind of... float up, and combine together to make a new card."

"That's right, you use cards," Akira said, more to himself than anything. "I wonder why it's so different. You even summon them differently."

"What happens in your Velvet Room?"

Akira was slow to answer. "...I don't use cards, you know."

He didn't say any more, and his gaze was directed at his feet.


"You're not going to like it," Akira muttered, not looking up.

"I don't have to like it."

"I don't want to tell you."

"You don't have to tell me."

Akira glanced at him now, clearly startled.

"You... kind of already said," Yu clarified. "A guillotine?"


Akira was playing with his fingers now, trying to avoid Yu's searching eyes. Yu let the silence draw out until Akira filled it.

"Two guillotines," he finally said. "For both Personas."

"And... the new Persona?"

"Is fused from their heads," Akira finished. "I don't know."

Another silence followed. Yu really didn't know what to say. The differences in their situations were so great, sometimes. The fact that Akira's Velvet Room was an actual jail cell was only the tip of the iceberg.

"Do you think..." Akira mumbled.

Yu tilted his head in question, but Akira was still not looking at him.

"I'm broken...?"

Yu blinked. "What..."

"I kill my other selves to create better and stronger ones." Akira raised his voice. "What kind of person does that?"

Akira was trembling. In a flash, Yu crossed the short space between them and enveloped him in a hug. The other boy was surprised, then Yu began to run his back and he began to relax.

"What kind of person does that?" he repeated into Yu's shoulder.

"Someone who really needs that strength," Yu answered.

"I guess..."

Yu tried to hold him tighter. He enjoyed having him close like this. He could feel the rise and fall of Akira's breath.

"I mean, you still have a compendium," Yu murmured. "So it's not like they're really dead if you can have them brought out again."

"Yeah," Akira said. By the sigh that followed, he was not entirely convinced.

"And maybe my card fusion is painful to the Personas too," Yu tried. "I don't really know."

"More painful than a guillotine?"

"At least a guillotine is fast. They don't, you know, suffer."

"I guess," Akira said again, and this time his tone sounded amused. Yu smiled to himself and released Akira from his hug to find the boy smiling faintly back at him.

"Feeling better now?" Yu asked.

Akira nodded. "Thanks."

They gazed at each other for a little while, and then Akira glanced at the kitchen counter.

"Well," he said. "Your stew won't cook itself."

"Maybe I should let you do the chopping now," Yu suggested. "You should be good at it!"

Akira batted him on the shoulder, and they both laughed.

Author's notes: Please leave comments/kudos/likes/reviews on AO3 or ffnet!

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2016-12-12 09:58 pm

So for the Yo

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke 
Rating: T (some suggestive content)
Category: M/M
Summary: A series of one-shots written for SouYo Week 2016 on tumblr.
Author's notes: Souyoweek2016 Original Post
This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. Since it's a multichapter thing, this post will be a link repository for each chapter.

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2016-11-22 08:20 pm

A Promise + A Whisper

Fandom: Persona 4, Persona 5
Pairing: P5Hero/P4Hero
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Prompt from a prompt meme: Wildcard - A promise + a whisper
Author's notes: This is a a crosspost from AO3ffnet, and tumblr.
It's a drabble that resulted from a tumblr prompt thing.

I'll be there at 8 :)

Sitting in the booth at Wild-Duck Burger, Yu read the text on his phone for probably the 50th time. With his other hand, he absently brought a french fry to his mouth and munched on it, hardly tasting it.

It was 8:10. Akira was late.

Since it was in his nature to always think the best of people, Yu tried to be generous. Perhaps his boyfriend was just running late. Shibuya was a busy place, and fighting through the thick crowds of people was never easy, especially if you were taking the subway. Heck, maybe Akira had missed his train and then been forced to wait for the next one. Maybe he'd be along any minute, maybe he'd slip right into the seat across from Yu before he even noticed.

Maybe Yu wasn't being stood up.


Yu scoffed at the thought. He re-read the text one more time, his eye catching on the emoticon. Was it genuine? He didn't know anymore.

It was now 8:13.

This wasn't the first time Akira had failed to show up. Nor the second, nor the third, nor... For whatever reason, Akira had problems keeping their dinner dates. The first time it'd happened, Akira had sent a card via the waitress, which had been cute. The stationery had been so fancy with its red and black lettering. Yu had put it in a scrapbook.

It had been less cute the next time, and after that, Akira had apparently grown complacent in their relationship, instead simply sending Yu a text when he couldn't make it.

Yu wasn't even getting that tonight. In frustration, he sent Akira a 'where are you?' text himself.


All Yu wanted was to spend time with his boyfriend. Was that so much to ask for? Just to have a quiet dinner together. They would talk, though Yu enjoyed listening more. He enjoyed hearing Akira's tales of his classmates' antics. How the teacher had thrown a piece of chalk at him when he'd fallen asleep in class and the chalk had left a noticeable white mark in his black hair for the rest of the school day...

Yu imagined the boy sitting across from him now, with his nerdy (but cute) glasses, his hair so messy that it always looked like it had never once seen a comb in its lifetime, his sweet smile... He imagined holding the boy's hand under the table, maybe entwining their fingers or simply setting his hand on the other boy's knee. Akira would give him those coy looks whenever he squeezed that knee, and...

Even if Akira arrived late, Yu would forgive him if it resulted in that.


Yu snapped his phone shut, trying to force himself not to keep looking at it. At the rate he was going, its battery wouldn't last the night. He ate another soggy fry, feeling miserable.

The door to the restaurant opened, grabbing his attention, but it was just a mom and her young daughter. Not a cute boy with red plaid pants. He watched them order, then idly checked his phone again.


Almost a half an hour now... He wondered how long he should wait. The waitress looked like she was about to come over and ask if he needed anything—Wuck food could do things to people, after all—but he kept his eyes on his phone to deter her.

The worst part was that he'd told Akira. This is it, he'd said. If you're not going to be there, I...

I'll be there. I promise.


Yu blinked away the tears he suddenly felt welling in his eyes. Akira had lied to him. Honestly, if he couldn't be trusted to keep a simple dinner date, then was it even worth it? Yu would be better off with someone else, someone who valued him enough to be there when he needed him, someone who thought he was interesting enough to spend the evening with, someone who genuinely liked to be around him.

Yu squeezed his eyes shut. He had some choices to make. He could forgive his boyfriend (again), or... go through with his threat. He was aware that he was kind of a pushover, and that had to change.

Drawing his lips into a thin line, he decided he'd change it now. He'd give Akira another ten minutes, and if he didn't show up, or at least reply to his text or call... then it'd be over. He'd break it off.


A man at another table was starting to give him sympathetic looks. Maybe he should be dating that guy instead. His glasses made him look really cute, but... Akira had glasses, and that'd only remind him of...

Well, of being stood up in a Wuck like this. A Wuck, of all places. When Yosuke found out about this, he would never let Yu live it down.


Yu didn't know how the time had moved so fast, but the ten minutes were up. He bit his lip hard, willing himself not to break down here in public. He picked up his half-eaten tray of food slowly—just in case Akira would suddenly show up—and took it to the trash can, where he began to throw it all out. The fries sliding down the tray and into the trash felt like the pieces of his shattered heart.

He returned to his table to pick up his coffee. He hurt his throat in the process of swallowing a sigh and tried to get the resulting ache out of his throat by finishing the drink. It had grown so cold by now that it only worsened the ache in his heart.

He couldn't do this anymore.

He left the cafe and headed home, keeping his phone in his hand while he walked. If Akira texted him, he wasn't going to bother answering.

There were no texts.

Yu woke up sometime later because his phone had lit up the room. He was being called. The ringtone was the one he'd set for Akira, something classical because he'd always thought 'classy' was romantic.

He reached for the phone with a groan.


Yu scowled at the 'Now calling...' display. Now he wanted to go out? Over three and a half hours past their intended date time?

His entire body shaking, Yu held up the phone to his ear and accepted the call. Akira's voice immediately came over the line. "Yu, thank god you're there. Listen, I'm sorry, but I—"

"W-we're through," Yu interrupted, the hurt in his voice unmistakable. "You promised."

"Yu, listen to me, you don't understand! I need you, I'm—"

Yu slammed his phone shut so hard that he almost broke the case. Breathing heavily, he hugged his pillow so tightly that he almost cut off circulation to his hands. He hiccuped and hot tears began to roll down his cheeks. He cried himself to sleep for the second time that night.

"I'm in jail," Akira whispered into the phone. A police officer listened in over his shoulder behind him, but the line was now only a dial tone.

Author's notes: ahahaha WELP

This could turn into a longer work if, like, when Yu finds out the next day and feels awful and... but I don't have time for that, so you get stuck with this, haha. I'm sorry.

Please leave comments/kudos/likes/reviews on AO3 or ffnet!

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2016-06-13 08:39 pm

A Picture is Worth So Many Words

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke
Rating: Teen
Category: M/M
Summary: Souji is away from home, but not without a way to keep in touch.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. It was written for Souyoweek2016 on tumblr.

The inn that the Kirijo group had set him up in was nice. Yu really couldn't complain. It was traditional in style, much like the Amagi inn with its floor futons, but it had modern conveniences, such as a private bathroom and a digital alarm clock.

Yu's only real complaint was that he was away from home. Mitsuru-san had called him up for some urgent Shadow Operative business, so he'd had to leave his comfortably domestic life to take care of it. It shouldn't take long—it was just some training he had to help with—but it was the principle of the thing.

He hadn't wanted to leave his family, though he was sure Yosuke and Kichirou were doing just fine without him. They'd managed before, after all, but he couldn't help thinking about them and worrying. Had Kichirou done all his homework?

He sent the boy a text asking him just that, and thus opened a line of communication. Kichirou wanted to know everything about what he was doing and where he was, so Yu sent him a bunch of pictures he'd taken. He loved showing off; a monster had been created the day he'd bought a phone with a built-in camera.

Oh! you're going to sleep on the floor, Kichirou texted in response to the latest set, which were a bunch of pictures of his room at the inn.

Yeah! Maybe when I get back, we can have a campout night in the living room, Yu suggested. We'll invite Hiro-chan and it can be a party!

I can't wait!

I'll need to buy a yukata. Or maybe I'll 'borrow' the one I have on right now.

A yukata? I wanna see!

Yu stared at the message for a second before breaking out into a grin. With all the pictures he'd taken of the room, he'd forgotten to include a picture of himself! The inn had provided a yukata to walk around in. It was cream-colored and had the stiff quality of clothing that had been washed a few too many times.

He sat down on the tea table, smiled, and took a selfie. He sent it to Kichirou with a cute cat emoticon at the end.

There wasn't an answer from Kichirou after that. According to the digital clock, it was around his bedtime. Routine was fairly strong in the Hanamura residence. Yosuke should be giving him a bath right now, and then Yosuke would read him the next chapter of the book they were reading, and then he'd be asleep.

Yu wasn't yet ready to turn in himself. He had to meet with Junpei-san in the morning, but he knew the guy was a late sleeper. There wasn't any need to head to bed early, so Yu pulled out a picross book he'd bought in the lobby and got to work. He was on the third puzzle when his phone buzzed with a text message.

It was from Yosuke.

Please don't send sexy pictures to my son

Sexy pictures?!

Yu was offended. There was nothing wrong with the picture he'd sent. To make sure of that, he opened it on his phone. Nope, it was just him in a yukata. It was waist-up, the belt was tied and tight, and the only skin he'd been showing was his face. It wasn't sexy at all, and in fact, the most prominent thing about it was the shot of the hand-painted mural of a koi pond behind him.

Unless... Yosuke was just saying that because he himself wanted some actual sexy pictures.

Yu's frown morphed into a grin. He pulled the collar of the yukata down some to expose his left collarbone and mussed his hair up in a way that he hoped looked dashing. Then he took a snap and sent it directly to Yosuke.

I promise I'll never send him a pic like this, he captioned it.

He found a souvenir fan he'd obtained at a tourist site. He lifted his head high to show off his neck and pretended to fan himself as he took another selfie.

Or this.

He loosened the sash just a bit so that he could show off more of his chest. Yosuke had always found his scars fascinating, so he made sure the big one was prominent. He put hand over his mouth and sent what he intended as a coquettish look at the camera.

Partner, Yosuke responded

Yu's grin grew wider. He leaned over the phone, eager to see what else Yosuke was typing.


Yu laughed. He scanned the room, trying to come up with something exciting and settled on the low table he was already sitting on. He stretched out on top of it, one leg over the other, and took one of his legs out of the yukata so that it looked like he was about to fall out of it.

It was hard to take a photo that got the whole image in, but he was pretty satisfied with the result.

Would be better w/o yukata, Yosuke sent.

This was getting beyond risqué, but Yu wasn't complaining.

Too bad you aren't here to take me out of it, Yu sent back.


Yu stared at that message for a long moment. Then he pressed the call button on his phone. "Yosuke?" he said when it was picked up.


Yu swallowed the lump in his throat. "I miss you."

"Yeah," Yosuke said. "I miss you too."

Author's notes: Please leave comments/kudos/likes/reviews on AO3 or ffnet!

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2016-06-13 07:57 pm

Just Pretend

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Yu can't stop himself from daydreaming about something he can't have.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. It was written for Souyoweek2016 on tumblr.

Yu didn't know when exactly he'd fallen for his best friend, or even how, but it had happened and there wasn't much help for him now. Perhaps the fact that he represented the Fool arcana had some significance. Only fools fell in love, after all, or so the saying went.

He and Yosuke weren't on a date. They were just friends having an after school snack at Souzai Daigaku.

"–and then she demanded to see the manager." Yosuke laughed. "It was like, 'Lady, don't you realize the manager is my dad?' Ahh, customers. Can't live without 'em."

Yu maintained the indulgent smile he always wore when listening to his best friend ramble on. He could half-listen to Yosuke talk all day like this. Half-listen, because a good portion of his mind was dedicated to his daydreams.

He could pretend. Pretend he was on a date.

How pathetic was that...? Yu held in the sigh trying to escape. Why did it have to be Yosuke? Why couldn't it have been that guy in glasses that hung out in the second floor hallway after class? Maybe it was because of all they'd been through in the TV World, or maybe it was because of how much neck that boy had. He always wore those v-necks. In fact he was wearing one now. Yu could imagine kissing the boy from his shoulder all the way up to his ear...

"Hey, partner," Yosuke said, tossing the remains of his steak skewer into the nearby garbage can. "You ready to go?"

Or maybe that was it. 'Partner.' Yu had misunderstood Yosuke's meaning back when he'd first used it and continued to think it might mean something more than simple friendship. Or at least, pretend it might mean something...


Yu stirred in his seat, blinking back into the here and now. He nodded and pushed out of his seat. He and Yosuke began to walk down the central shopping district.

He could pretend it was a date, but... he couldn't hold Yosuke's hand. It was swinging at his side while they walked. Yosuke had once said that Yu seemed good with his hands, but Yosuke had long fingers of his own. They'd be good for playing piano, or maybe guitar. Yu imagined those fingers threading through his hair, maybe tugging just a little...

They arrived at the overlook. Yosuke leaned against the railing, resting his arms flat along the top. He looked out over the town. Yu pretended to do the same, but he was really watching Yosuke from the corner of his eye. The sunlight caught on his hair, making it seem lighter than its dyed hue. The wind blew in a gust, stirring up some of the fallen early autumn leaves. It was a scene right out of a romance movie. Yu could imagine Yosuke turning to him with a sudden, needy look. 'Kiss me,' he'd say.

And Yu would pretend to be all shy, then move in and kiss him long on the lips. They'd be warm and then, and then they'd pull apart and stare into each others eyes and...


Just like that, almost! Yosuke's eyes were such a soft brown, they matched his hair perfectly. Yu smiled hopelessly at him. "Yeah?"

"Kiss me?"

Yu blinked at him several times, and then frowned. He was getting his fantasy mixed up with reality. "Huh?"

"K-kiss me, please," Yosuke stammered.

The puzzled look remained on Yu's face. He worked his jaw as he struggled to come up with a coherent response.

"I'm not stupid," Yosuke said. "I've seen the looks you give me when you think I'm not looking."

The shock had worn off, leaving Yu merely bewildered. His mind seemed to be chugging along at a snail's pace.

"Look," Yosuke said frankly, "if you're not gonna... I guess it's up to me."

Before Yu knew it, Yosuke stepped right into his personal space. Suddenly those lips that had looked so kissable earlier were coming right for him.

When they were there, pressed against his own, that's when Yu sighed, a long sigh full of all the relief he felt in that moment. It caused the kiss to break apart for a moment, but he was quick to draw Yosuke into a longer kiss, one that made Yosuke make a noise that sounded very close to a moan.

"There," Yosuke whispered less than an inch from his lips, so close that his next words brushed their lips together. "Was that so hard?"

"Yosuke, I..." Yu began, but Yosuke shushed him.

"It's all right," Yosuke said. "I've known for a while. That you're not just my best friend."

"It's... It's okay to want to kiss your best friend," Yu managed.

"Not the way I want to kiss." Yosuke's eyes were narrowed, focused entirely on Yu's mouth. There was a moment's hesitation, and then he closed the distance.

Their noses bumped and their teeth clashed, but it was okay, because Yosuke was so eager, it felt like it was out of a dream. "This is real, right?" Yu stopped to ask.

"I could pinch you if you'd like," Yosuke offered. "But..."

His hesitation only made Yu curious. "But what?"

"I might..." Yosuke paused again, his face turning a deeper shade of red than it already was. "I might... pinch your butt instead."

There was no way this was real.

"It's real," Yosuke assured him. "I like you, and... I don't know. It's a little frightening, but I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"Me neither!" Yu said. "That's why it was so hard to..."

"Sometimes," Yosuke said, "you just need to reach out and grab it."

Dream or not, Yosuke was asking for it. Yu put his arms around Yosuke and grabbed his ass with both hands. "Like this?" he breathed.

"I-I thought I was supposed to be the one pinching you!"

Despite his embarrassment, Yosuke didn't pull away, instead he squeezed his arms under Yu's so he could do exactly the same thing. It felt weird, having hands on the seat of his pants, but Yu was too deliriously happy about this turn of events to care.

"I like you," Yu was inspired to announce.

"Yeah," said Yosuke, smiling softly, shyly, back at him.

They kissed again, and when they separated, they stared into each other's eyes for quite some time. As the quiet moment turned into several quiet moments, Yu began to accept that it wasn't a dream. Yosuke was here, he was holding him and wanting him close. Yu knew they'd have a lot to talk about soon, a lot to figure out, but for now, he was just happy to enjoy the moment—happy that he no longer had to pretend.

Author's notes: Please leave comments/kudos/likes/reviews on AO3 or ffnet!

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2016-05-25 11:05 pm

Goodnight Kiss

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yukiko/Chie
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Prompt from a prompt meme: Yukichie - Reunion Kiss
Author's notes: This is a a crosspost from AO3ffnet, and tumblr.
It's a drabble that resulted from a tumblr prompt thing.

"Yukiko-san, your mother wants you."

Yukiko looked up from the dishes she was cleaning and nodded. She rushed out of the kitchen and down the hallway to where her mother was resting. She opened the sliding door as quietly as she could, as befitting her role as innkeeper-in-training.

"Yes, Mama?" she asked.

Her mother was in a futon. She was propped up by several pillows and covered in blankets. "Oh, Yuki-chan, I—" She was cut short by a coughing fit.

"Oh, no no, please don't talk," Yukiko said, hastening to her mother's side. "Just rest and get better, okay?"

"It's just..." her mother said when the coughing subsided. "M-my tea's gone cold. Could you...?"

"Oh, of course!"

Without another word, Yukiko grabbed the kettle on the side table and rushed back out into the hall.

Where she collided into someone. "Oof! S-sorry...!" she apologized. Normally she was much more graceful than this!

"Ah, Yuki-chan!" It was Kasai-san, peering down at her with a worried smile. "They're out of towels in the changing room. Could you take care of that?"

Yukiko paused for a second to look down at the kettle in her hands before nodding in determination.

She rushed to the laundry room, where she knew a fresh set of towels had to be in the dryer, only to find soap piled comically-high in front of the washer next to it. Frantically, she set the kettle down on the floor and strode through the suds to turn the washer off.

She was still mopping up the mess when she heard a bell. This one was the front desk, which meant a guest had arrived. She hastened to the front of the inn.

An elderly couple was waiting for her, wanting to check in. She determined that there was a room reserved for them in the east wing. "Please follow me," she told them with a small bow.

When she opened the sliding door, however, she was greeted by a complete mess. Several yukata had been thrown to the floor from the closet, and there were opened snack boxes on the tea table, and the futons were completely unmade.

Yukiko had been sure someone was supposed to have cleaned this room.

She turned to the couple and bowed again. "Please forgive me. I have the wrong room."

She led them down the hall, but was accosted by another client who stuck his head out from his room. "Hey you, I ordered some room service," the man whined, "and no one's brought me my coffee!"

"I will correct this immediately," she replied as calmly as she could manage.

The man seemed mollified, and Yukiko paused a moment to compose herself before leading the couple along to another room. One that was, hopefully, clean.

"You seem... very busy," the old lady observed.

You don't know the half of it, Yukiko thought, trying to remember where she'd left the kettle. Hadn't her mom wanted some tea? "It's all in a day's work," she said with her best disarming smile.

At least she was in luck, for the room was clean and ready for a guest. However, since it wasn't the room she'd planned on giving them, she didn't have the key for it on hand. She promised she'd be right back with it.

She was halfway there when Kasai-san called out to her. "Yuki-chan! Your dad called from his meeting, and he wants you to phone him back as soon as you can."

"R-right," she said, her composure beginning to slip. She shook her head. "Right," she repeated with more confidence, taking out her cell phone.

Which had a text on it from Yosuke.

Hey how r u.

U got the aswr to #3? in math

"I..." she answered out loud.

She clutched the phone almost too tightly with trembling fingers. She hadn't done any of her homework, and her tummy chose that moment to remind her that it was already past her dinner time and she hadn't eaten yet. At this rate, she wouldn't have any time for herself, and...

"Yuki-chan, there's—"

"NO!" Yukiko shouted, startling both herself and Kasai-san, who really hadn't deserved it in the first place. "I can't do anything else!"

Kasai-san just grinned at her. "There's a friend here for you."

The woman stepped aside, and Yukiko's world was suddenly brightened, because it was Chie standing there, looking at her with the most sheepish look on her face.

"I heard you might need some help," Chie said, trying to sound off-hand, "so I thought, y'know, I might have some time to stop by and lend a hand."

"Chie!" Yukiko cried, running up to her and putting her arms around her.

Chie laughed, because this display of affection was quite unlike her friend. "Yeah? So what do you want me to do first?"

"Hmm..." Yukiko drew back, becoming business-like all of a sudden. "I think first you could..."

It took some doing to sort out the past hour or so of Yukiko's life, but by the time night fell, Yukiko and Chie had done everything there was to do. The tea kettle had been recovered, the soap had been contained, the towels had been replaced, the rooms had been cleaned, coffee had been made and served, dads had been called...

And in the end there was a bonus: Chie was allowed to stay the night.

It was time for bed. Yukiko leaned heavily into Chie for support as they headed for her room at the inn. "Th-thank you," she murmured. "For helping out today..."

"Aww, c'mon!" Chie said, blushing. "It was nothing."

"No, really," Yukiko insisted, but her tone was weak; she was too tired to argue much.

Heck, she was too tired even to open the door, so Chie got it for her. "You should've called me yourself. You know I'll always help you."

"I know..." Yukiko sighed.

Chie helped Yukiko into the floor futon. Yukiko immediately closed her eyes, enjoy the softness of her sheets.

Chie continued to kneel by her side. "Tomorrow is another day, you know," she murmured.

Yukiko opened her mouth to answer, but only let out a long yawn.

Chie smiled to herself. Then she bent down and kissed Yukiko's forehead.

Yukiko was already asleep.

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2016-02-24 02:10 pm

Reunion Kiss

Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yosuke/Yu
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Prompt from a prompt meme: Souyo - Reunion Kiss
Author's notes: This is a a crosspost from AO3ffnet, and tumblr.
It's a drabble that resulted from a tumblr prompt thing.
It's been quite a few years since I've been on an airplane (and I've never flown internationally) so apologies for any mistakes.

"We are beginning our descent. At this time, please ensure that all portable electronic devices are turned off and stowed. Please return all seats to the upright position and remain seated with the seat belt securely fastened. Thank you for flying with Japan Airlines."

Yu blinked out of his dozing, then yawned widely. He stretched in his seat, but not too much so as not to disturb the elderly woman sitting next to him. Kaede-san been a good companion to him on this 20-hour flight and he wouldn't ruin it now. He couldn't wait to be on the ground again, mostly because his legs were aching from the cramped space he'd been forced to keep them in.

He opened the window shutter that had been closed to allow him and Kaede-san to sleep without the sunlight blinding them. Outside the plane he could only see an expanse of clear blue sea. The beauty of the scene would have been more poignant if it had not been the same exact sight for the past 12 or so hours. The Pacific Ocean was a million times larger in reality than it looked on paper.

"Will anyone be waiting for you, Narukami-kun?" Kaede-san inquired.

"Oh... just a friend," Yu replied vaguely without looking away from the window.

"A dear friend?" Kaede-san pressed.

Yu smiled into his reflection outlined faintly in the window. "A good friend, yes," he answered softly, just loud enough to be heard over the incessant and dull thrum of the plane as it traveled. "I haven't seen him in over a year, so..."

"Ah," she said, nodding knowingly. "Time changes everyone. Why, just look how much my grandson grew in just a year!"

When she pulled out her photo album, Yu chuckled to himself. She'd shown him all the pictures before, hours and hours ago, but he had the patience to endure it. She was so proud of her family, it made him just a little jealous. While she rattled on about her grandchildren and their accomplishments, Yu began to think about other things.

He had been away from Japan for a whole year now. It was part of his training as a Shadow Operative, though he suspected this 'training' was simply a plot by Mitsuru-san to keep Akihiko-san out of trouble. Regardless of his superior's true intentions, he'd learned a great deal about the world. There were supernatural threats other than Shadows out there, and they weren't only in Japan.

Because of his constant traveling, he hadn't kept in contact with most of his friends (and calling had always been difficult for him, regardless). As a result, he didn't know the details on how everyone was doing. Had Yukiko taken over the inn? Had Chie made it through police academy? Was 'Risette' still a household name? Had Teddie matured in any way? Did Yosuke still dye his hair? He'd been wondering all of these things and more for the majority of the flight.

His smile grew wider without him even realizing it. Kaede-san thought it was in response to her amusing story about how her grandson had once eaten an entire package of diaper wipes, so she continued relating another anecdote.

He missed everyone, but soon he'd at least see Yosuke in person. Yu had called just last week to inform him that he was returning to Japan, and Yosuke had immediately volunteered to meet him at the airport. Yu hadn't mentioned needing anyone to accompany him. Yosuke's enthusiasm had been so amusing that Yu simply couldn't refuse.

'Yeah, we'll take the train to Tokyo Station and stop at the Wuck there—I bet you haven't had a good burger in forever!'

'I'd rather have some sushi,' Yu told him, and Yosuke quickly modified his plans to include that.

'All right, scratch the Wuck, then! There's this place I know that has designer sushi, you know, the good stuff, I just know you're gonna love it, partner!'

'You're spoiling me,' Yu protested with a short laugh.

'Ah, come on! I haven't seen you in forever! We're going to have a lot to catch up on.'

Yosuke hadn't been wrong about that. Although he'd meant it in regards to himself discovering everything Yu had been doing out of the country, Yu was infinitely curious about what his friend had been up to all this time. Yosuke lived near Tokyo, did that mean he was going to college there or something? Did he live on his own, or did he have a roommate or a girlfriend or something? A girlfriend... What if he was married? No, he'd definitely have told Yu if that had happened.

"Home, sweet home!" Kaede-san suddenly said.

She was leaning closer to him now, straining at her seatbelt to look out the window. Land had come into sight. Since Narita International Airport wasn't all that far inland, it wouldn't be long now before the plane landed.

"Those cars look like my grandson's toys," she remarked.

"They do," Yu agreed. From this high in the sky, even the tallest buildings and trees were like toothpicks. The whole expanse of roads, hills, and the pockets of civilization below looked like a very intricate model.

The airport came into sight, evident by all the planes surrounding their terminals. Lower and lower the plane descended, and Yu instinctively braced himself when it finally landed on the runway. It wasn't as bumpy as he'd expected, and soon enough the plane was taxiing towards its gate.

Some time later, Yu was helping Kaede-san take her luggage out from the overhead compartment, then taking out his own and following everyone else out of the plane. He considered turning on his phone and texting Yosuke to let him know he was off the plane, but he still had to go through check-in and customs; stopping to take out his phone in the middle of the hurried crowd around him didn't seem like the best idea.

The passport check went over without a hitch, and before he knew it, Yu was finally at the arrival gate. Yosuke had said he'd meet him here, and Yu worried for a moment before spotting him. Being as tall as he was had its advantages.

Yosuke was leaning against a wall, looking down at his phone with a slight frown on his face. One question was answered: Yosuke still dyed his hair, but it seemed to be a somewhat more amber hue than Yu remembered. He was dressed casually in an orange shirt with a band's logo on it. Still orange, huh? Yu found himself smiling at the sight.

A moment later Yosuke lifted his head to scan the new arrivals and his eyes caught Yu's. Suddenly it seemed like they were the only two people in the area.

Yu took a few steps forward and then opened his arms to envelop his friend in a hug.

To his surprise, Yosuke leaped right into him, the momentum almost knocking him right off his feet. Before Yu knew it, warm lips were pressed against his own.

The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but felt like at least twenty. Yu could hardly register that it had happened. Yosuke, of all people, kissing him in front of hundreds of strangers—it was just inconceivable.

As expected, Yosuke remembered himself a moment later. He drew away, stammering a quick, "S-sorry, I just, I missed you... s-so I..."

Yu shook his head, having none of that, and pulled Yosuke back into his arms. This time the kiss lasted well over twenty seconds. When he drew away, he stared into Yosuke's fawn-colored eyes for even longer than that.

At least, until he became aware that there was an audience. Kaede-san was standing by with her family. With a sly smile on her weathered face, she whispered to her son, "They seem to be very good friends."

While Yosuke was stuttering and turning a deep shade of red, Yu nodded at her. Then he grabbed Yosuke's hand with one hand and his luggage with the other and marched Yosuke right down the hall, seeking someplace a little more secluded. They really needed to catch up.

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Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke 
Rating: T (for hot makeouts)
Category: M/M
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.
Kink meme prompt. I won't post the details of the prompt here because it kinda tells you exactly what happens.

"If you paid even the least bit of attention," Yu said in that aggravatingly calm way of his. He even had his hand on his hip like he always did when he wanted to appear so casual.

"I did!" Yosuke declared, more annoyed than he'd ever been at his friend. "You clearly said—"

The team leader shook his head. "You need to listen when I'm talking—"

Chie and Yukiko watched the back-and-forth, the latter girl gripping the former's arm tightly. The boys had been arguing for a full minute and showed no signs of stopping.

"Uh, g-guys, if you keep that up," Chie said hesitantly, "w-we're gonna get kicked out."

It was, perhaps, a good thing they were the only 'customers' in the electronics department today.

"Look," Yosuke went on, heedless of her warning. "You said, 'Use a Garula.' So I used a Garula. Not my fault that Shadow could reflect it!"

"I said don't use Garula!"

The brown-haired teen crossed his arms with a huff. "When have you ever told me what not to do?"

"Maybe if you were listening to me instead of your music—"

"Maybe if you spoke louder...!"

Yu twitched like he'd been slapped. His face, which had maintained a neutral expression up to this point despite the rising tension, flushed. He turned away sharply and strode away, dress shoes tapping out across the store's tiled floor.

Yosuke, breathing heavily, stared after him.

A few moments later, Chie spoke up. "Uh, you're just gonna let him go?"

He blinked at her. "Well, yeah? I mean..."

Then he frowned, his anger deflating as he realized he'd just had a fight with his best friend. It was the first fight they'd ever had, really.

What if Yu would keep a grudge? What if Yu stayed angry at him and ignored him the next day at school?

Just imagining that made him hug himself. When Chie gave him a funny look, he pretended he was just crossing his arms. "Uh... Did you see which way he went?" he asked as nonchalantly as he could manage.

"He went upstairs, to the food court," Yukiko replied.

What, was he going to calm his anger with a root beer float? Yosuke almost rolled his eyes.

He climbed up the stairs and headed to the table that was their secret headquarters, but Yu wasn't there. He knew Yukiko wouldn't lie to him about this, so he looked around the rest of the food court. It took some doing—his friend wasn't at any of the tables, nor the food counter, nor behind any of the decorative bushes or the trash cans—but eventually he spied the gray-haired boy at the playground. He was in the very farthest corner, sitting on the wood encircling the sandbox, his head bowed low. He didn't hear Yosuke approach.

It took Yosuke a moment to realize his friend was sobbing into his hands. His eyes widened. Had their fight been that bad?

He saw two options before him. The first was to turn around and pretend he never saw this. The other...

He took a deep breath to give himself some courage, then walked right on over to his friend, plopped down next to him, and put his arms around him.

It was only fair! Yu had given him a big man-hug just like this when he'd been crying that one time at the river...

Yu didn't really respond to his presence, or at least did he didn't stop crying, though he allowed Yosuke to pull him into a better position. Now his head was against his chest, and Yosuke was patting his back, telling him that he was sorry, he was wrong, he should've listened better to his instructions. "It's, uh, okay, partner, really. I'll, umm—"

"'s not okay," the other boy finally mumbled. His voice sounded like a croak, broken from emotion. "I'm a b-bad leader."

"You are not a bad leader!" Yosuke scolded.

"I'm a bad leader if you can't h-hear me."

"You are not a bad leader," Yosuke repeated, but Yu was stubbornly shaking his head.

"I'm a bad leader, a-and you know it."

"Look at me, look at me!" Yosuke forced Yu's face up and stared into his eyes, which were all puffy and bloodshot and full of hurt. "You. Are. Not—" he began to enunciate slowly, but Yu was already shaking his head in denial yet again.

Frustrated, Yosuke looked away from him, and that's when the idea came to him: something that would surely get his partner's attention.

Without thinking about it further, Yosuke tilted Yu's head just so and kissed him with his eyes closed.

Yu didn't kiss back, not really, though Yosuke could tell he was startled from the way he shifted, but at the same time he hadn't pulled away, and...

"If... if you were a bad leader, I-I wouldn't have done that," Yosuke murmured.

Several beats passed, Yosuke's heart pounding as he worried about how his partner was going to react. Then Yu blinked and repeated, "I'm a bad leader."

"Oh, you are not!"

"Am too..."

"No," Yosuke told him firmly. He pressed forward and kissed him again and again. "You are," – kiss – "the best" – kiss – "leader" – kiss – "and my partner."

He finished it with one very long kiss. He was blushing now, because that had been one heck of an admission.

Yu's cheeks were pink, too, and he didn't look all that unhappy anymore. But then he shifted in Yosuke's arms. "Don't believe you," he muttered.

"What? What's not to believe? I'm here right now! You led me here, leader!" He chuckled, and then kissed Yu again. This time he felt the boy smile into the kiss.

He drew back and rubbed his nose against Yu's cheek. Now Yu licked his lips. "I... I'm still not sure."

"You're the one who got us through the castle," Yosuke murmured. He kissed the corner of the boy's mouth, and Yu turned into the kiss, catching him on the lips.

Now Yu was taking the lead here, his hand at the back of Yosuke's neck and the kiss deepening. When he pulled away, Yosuke tried to follow with a disappointed sound. "Yosuke... do you really think...?"

Yosuke nodded eagerly and pressed back into his partner's mouth. He ran his tongue over the other boy's lips. Yu parted them, and then Yosuke began to explore the inside of his partner's mouth. It tasted like Chewing Soul, not a pleasant flavor, really, but at the moment he simply couldn't get enough.

"Partner," he gasped when he came up for breath. "You're the only one I ever want at my side."

He felt Yu's hand at his back travel down to his backside. "Yeah?" the boy said casually while his fingers toyed with one of his belt loops.

"Yeah," Yosuke assured him, very aware of the warmth of his partner's hands through the fabric of his pants. "But... serious talk here. What got you so upset...?"

Yu lowered his head until his forehead was resting against Yosuke's chest. "I just... h-hate raising my voice..." he mumbled.

"I love hearing your voice," Yosuke said. "Uh, uh, I mean... Quiet or loud, it's..."

"Mm," said Yu. "I hate shouting. But you need to be able to hear me in the middle of battle."

"You've been doing great so far," Yosuke assured him. "It was just today things went bad..." He trailed off, aware that Yu's fingers were now curling under his waistband. He swallowed. "Y-yeah, d-don't be afraid to sh-shout at me..." His voice was shaking as much as his body.

"I'll try," Yu murmured, his eyes unfocused in concentration. Yosuke felt his fingers inching their way down under his waistband now. He swallowed again, and when he shifted in his seat, Yu used the opportunity to move his hand down further until his hand was most definitely flush against the skin of his butt.

"F-Feeling better now?" Yosuke murmured.

"No," Yu said, his eyes sparkling from the force of his lie. Yosuke snickered and told him he'd make it better. He proceeded to kiss him, pushing his tongue into the other boy's mouth, and he was rewarded with Yu squeezing his butt.

Then Yu drew away suddenly, pulling back his wandering hands, too. Yosuke frowned at him, but Yu was looking past him. He turned to take a look.

"Mama, watch me go down the slide!" a little kid shouted, running towards the playground.

Yosuke sighed. Customers always ruined everything.

Yu patted his hand. "We're going into the TV again tomorrow..."


"I might... need some more reassurance afterward..." Yu's fingers curled around his hand and squeezed.

Yosuke just grinned.