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Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke
Rating: Teen
Category: M/M
Summary: A video game reveals a problem in their relationship.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. It was written for Souyoweek2016 on tumblr.

Day 3 (June 14) Prompt: Video Games

This is inspired by my own recent adventures in casual gaming.

Yu came home from another long day of university classes and work. He offered a casual hello to his boyfriend and roommate, Yosuke, who was studying at the tea table, before moving into the bedroom they shared to put his briefcase away and to get changed into more casual clothes.

He headed back into the entryway after that since it also housed their kitchen. Instead of a one-room mansion, they were fortunate enough to have two rooms for their apartment: a bedroom and a room that was everything else at once. He heated up some leftover yakisoba for himself in the microwave, knowing Yosuke had already eaten something for dinner. The unlucky guy had early morning classes, so he would be heading off to bed soon enough.

Once the microwave did its thing, Yu brought his meal to the computer desk to eat it while he browsed the web to catch up on news. Not much seemed to be going on in his network, which was just as well.

By the time he finished eating, Yosuke was out of sight, probably in the next room getting ready to head to sleep. That was always how their evenings went, barely an exchanged greeting between the two, but there wasn't much to be done about it when their schedules clashed so much.

Since he could stay up a bit later, Yu settled himself more comfortably into the computer chair with a soft sigh and launched the casual game he'd recently become addicted to: the Sims.

He'd been drawn into the game by the promise of owning virtual pets. The landlord of the apartment complex didn't allow them, but he could live out his fantasy via this silly little game. He'd only been playing it for about a week, and he'd found it was a nice way to unwind and get his mind off the events of the day. He was looking forward to another evening spent lost in his Sim world. He'd only made a few Sims: himself, Yosuke, and the two cats that he'd put into their household. His favorite cat was the white one he'd named Fwuffles, but he also liked the black cat with long fur he'd named Mr. Nibbles.

But when he started the game, he frowned, because it wasn't where he'd left it last night. He'd stopped when his Sims went to bed, since it always seemed like a nice stopping point. This was early evening, quite a bit before the Sims would decide to sleep.

With a mental shrug, Yu let the game play. He had his Sim make himself a dinner of ratatouille. He didn't have to make his Sim clean up after eating—the character did it automatically because he had the Neat trait. It was pretty funny how true to life the game was sometimes, though Yu hadn't yet thrown away his microwave meal box at the computer desk in real life. Maybe he really didn't have that trait.

After brushing one of the cats and cleaning out the litter box, Yu's Sim decided it was time to take a shower. Yu thought nothing of it until the Sim was actually in the shower.

Then he just stared, because the censor bar that was supposed to blur out the shower scene was not there, and his Sim was completely naked.

Completely naked and apparently packing.

"Wh-when did...?" Yu asked aloud, blushing hard. There wasn't an update to the game or anything, was there? No, the game company wouldn't do something like this!

And then he realized he had one too many cats in his Sim household. He moused over the offender and saw it was named 'Awesomesauce.' With that, Yu had his culprit.


A short time later, Yosuke came shuffling out of the bedroom in just an undershirt and his boxer-briefs. He looked so tired from his full course load that Yu felt marginally bad for calling him like this. Marginally, because Yosuke only had himself to blame!

"What's up, partner?" Yosuke glanced at the computer screen. "Ohhhh... Haha, so you are still playing that."

"You added a nude mod to my game!"

"Yeah," Yosuke said without any remorse, "and I had to use like five different websites to get it all to work right. You should thank me."

"I'm not playing this game for that sort of release!" Yu crossed his arms in the computer chair to emphasize his displeasure.

"You know," Yosuke said slowly, sounding and looking a bit unsure of himself. "I noticed that. When I was playing around with your household."

Yu tilted his head. "Noticed what?"

"That..." Yosuke continued, still speaking slowly, "your Sim's relationship with all of his cats is maxed out, but his relationship with my Sim is only at Acquaintance level, even though we're living together."

"Well, I mean..." Yu frowned, because the reason behind that was...

"Our Sims should be lovers already." Yosuke was pouting. "I mean, we are in real life!"

"We are," Yu conceded.

"Yeah!" Yosuke said. "So, our Sims should totally get together. ...Why are you making that face?"

Yu looked away, but it was too late. Yosuke had seen that he wasn't excited about the idea.

"What, are you not planning to get our Sims together? Yu!"


"You're not?" Yosuke's volume rose as he began to panic over a character in a video game. "Oh no, partner. Don't tell me! Your Sim... has he found someone else?"

"N-no, it's not that." Yu was shaking his head. "It's just..."

"What is it, partner? Don't hold out on me!"

"I don't..." Yu began, but he cut himself off with a huge sigh. "Yosuke..."

"J-just tell me! The fate of our Sims' relationship is in your hands!"

Yu blurted it out. "I don't want my Sim to get more action than I get!"

Yu's face was burning from his embarrassment. Yosuke stared at him, speechless.

"Wh-when was the last time we found time for each other?" Yu explained. "With school and work and everything, it's been a while."

"Yeah, you're right," Yosuke said. "It has."

"I feel like I haven't kissed you in weeks," Yu confessed. "Let alone, well, WooHoo."

"We could... we could change that right now," Yosuke murmured, leaning in closer.

"No," Yu said, but it was with reluctance. "You should be asleep already. You have classes tomorrow."

"You care more about my classes than I do," Yosuke said. He sighed. "All right... but do you have any free time tomorrow? We can make some time for each other."

"I have some time between my last class and work," Yu said. "I usually come back here for a late lunch then."

"Well," Yosuke said, "you'll have a little bit more for lunch."

He leaned in and kissed Yu on the lips, sealing the promise. Despite not wanting to keep Yosuke from going to bed, Yu didn't let him pull away until they enjoyed several long kisses.

After that, Yosuke's eyes were dancing. "So... now can our Sims get together?" he asked.

"Yeah," Yu said with a genuine smile. "Now get to bed." He pushed Yosuke out of his lap.

After emitting a sigh, Yosuke began to walk back to the bedroom. He paused right before the door, however, to tell him one last thing: "Make sure to keep those mods on!"

Author's notes: Yes, there are nude mods for the Sims. I haven't installed any myself.


Also you can't tell me Yosuke isn't the type to install such a thing, haha.

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Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke
Rating: Teen
Category: M/M
Summary: Souji is away from home, but not without a way to keep in touch.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. It was written for Souyoweek2016 on tumblr.

The inn that the Kirijo group had set him up in was nice. Yu really couldn't complain. It was traditional in style, much like the Amagi inn with its floor futons, but it had modern conveniences, such as a private bathroom and a digital alarm clock.

Yu's only real complaint was that he was away from home. Mitsuru-san had called him up for some urgent Shadow Operative business, so he'd had to leave his comfortably domestic life to take care of it. It shouldn't take long—it was just some training he had to help with—but it was the principle of the thing.

He hadn't wanted to leave his family, though he was sure Yosuke and Kichirou were doing just fine without him. They'd managed before, after all, but he couldn't help thinking about them and worrying. Had Kichirou done all his homework?

He sent the boy a text asking him just that, and thus opened a line of communication. Kichirou wanted to know everything about what he was doing and where he was, so Yu sent him a bunch of pictures he'd taken. He loved showing off; a monster had been created the day he'd bought a phone with a built-in camera.

Oh! you're going to sleep on the floor, Kichirou texted in response to the latest set, which were a bunch of pictures of his room at the inn.

Yeah! Maybe when I get back, we can have a campout night in the living room, Yu suggested. We'll invite Hiro-chan and it can be a party!

I can't wait!

I'll need to buy a yukata. Or maybe I'll 'borrow' the one I have on right now.

A yukata? I wanna see!

Yu stared at the message for a second before breaking out into a grin. With all the pictures he'd taken of the room, he'd forgotten to include a picture of himself! The inn had provided a yukata to walk around in. It was cream-colored and had the stiff quality of clothing that had been washed a few too many times.

He sat down on the tea table, smiled, and took a selfie. He sent it to Kichirou with a cute cat emoticon at the end.

There wasn't an answer from Kichirou after that. According to the digital clock, it was around his bedtime. Routine was fairly strong in the Hanamura residence. Yosuke should be giving him a bath right now, and then Yosuke would read him the next chapter of the book they were reading, and then he'd be asleep.

Yu wasn't yet ready to turn in himself. He had to meet with Junpei-san in the morning, but he knew the guy was a late sleeper. There wasn't any need to head to bed early, so Yu pulled out a picross book he'd bought in the lobby and got to work. He was on the third puzzle when his phone buzzed with a text message.

It was from Yosuke.

Please don't send sexy pictures to my son

Sexy pictures?!

Yu was offended. There was nothing wrong with the picture he'd sent. To make sure of that, he opened it on his phone. Nope, it was just him in a yukata. It was waist-up, the belt was tied and tight, and the only skin he'd been showing was his face. It wasn't sexy at all, and in fact, the most prominent thing about it was the shot of the hand-painted mural of a koi pond behind him.

Unless... Yosuke was just saying that because he himself wanted some actual sexy pictures.

Yu's frown morphed into a grin. He pulled the collar of the yukata down some to expose his left collarbone and mussed his hair up in a way that he hoped looked dashing. Then he took a snap and sent it directly to Yosuke.

I promise I'll never send him a pic like this, he captioned it.

He found a souvenir fan he'd obtained at a tourist site. He lifted his head high to show off his neck and pretended to fan himself as he took another selfie.

Or this.

He loosened the sash just a bit so that he could show off more of his chest. Yosuke had always found his scars fascinating, so he made sure the big one was prominent. He put hand over his mouth and sent what he intended as a coquettish look at the camera.

Partner, Yosuke responded

Yu's grin grew wider. He leaned over the phone, eager to see what else Yosuke was typing.


Yu laughed. He scanned the room, trying to come up with something exciting and settled on the low table he was already sitting on. He stretched out on top of it, one leg over the other, and took one of his legs out of the yukata so that it looked like he was about to fall out of it.

It was hard to take a photo that got the whole image in, but he was pretty satisfied with the result.

Would be better w/o yukata, Yosuke sent.

This was getting beyond risqué, but Yu wasn't complaining.

Too bad you aren't here to take me out of it, Yu sent back.


Yu stared at that message for a long moment. Then he pressed the call button on his phone. "Yosuke?" he said when it was picked up.


Yu swallowed the lump in his throat. "I miss you."

"Yeah," Yosuke said. "I miss you too."

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Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yu/Yosuke
Rating: General
Category: M/M
Summary: Yu can't stop himself from daydreaming about something he can't have.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet. It was written for Souyoweek2016 on tumblr.

Yu didn't know when exactly he'd fallen for his best friend, or even how, but it had happened and there wasn't much help for him now. Perhaps the fact that he represented the Fool arcana had some significance. Only fools fell in love, after all, or so the saying went.

He and Yosuke weren't on a date. They were just friends having an after school snack at Souzai Daigaku.

"–and then she demanded to see the manager." Yosuke laughed. "It was like, 'Lady, don't you realize the manager is my dad?' Ahh, customers. Can't live without 'em."

Yu maintained the indulgent smile he always wore when listening to his best friend ramble on. He could half-listen to Yosuke talk all day like this. Half-listen, because a good portion of his mind was dedicated to his daydreams.

He could pretend. Pretend he was on a date.

How pathetic was that...? Yu held in the sigh trying to escape. Why did it have to be Yosuke? Why couldn't it have been that guy in glasses that hung out in the second floor hallway after class? Maybe it was because of all they'd been through in the TV World, or maybe it was because of how much neck that boy had. He always wore those v-necks. In fact he was wearing one now. Yu could imagine kissing the boy from his shoulder all the way up to his ear...

"Hey, partner," Yosuke said, tossing the remains of his steak skewer into the nearby garbage can. "You ready to go?"

Or maybe that was it. 'Partner.' Yu had misunderstood Yosuke's meaning back when he'd first used it and continued to think it might mean something more than simple friendship. Or at least, pretend it might mean something...


Yu stirred in his seat, blinking back into the here and now. He nodded and pushed out of his seat. He and Yosuke began to walk down the central shopping district.

He could pretend it was a date, but... he couldn't hold Yosuke's hand. It was swinging at his side while they walked. Yosuke had once said that Yu seemed good with his hands, but Yosuke had long fingers of his own. They'd be good for playing piano, or maybe guitar. Yu imagined those fingers threading through his hair, maybe tugging just a little...

They arrived at the overlook. Yosuke leaned against the railing, resting his arms flat along the top. He looked out over the town. Yu pretended to do the same, but he was really watching Yosuke from the corner of his eye. The sunlight caught on his hair, making it seem lighter than its dyed hue. The wind blew in a gust, stirring up some of the fallen early autumn leaves. It was a scene right out of a romance movie. Yu could imagine Yosuke turning to him with a sudden, needy look. 'Kiss me,' he'd say.

And Yu would pretend to be all shy, then move in and kiss him long on the lips. They'd be warm and then, and then they'd pull apart and stare into each others eyes and...


Just like that, almost! Yosuke's eyes were such a soft brown, they matched his hair perfectly. Yu smiled hopelessly at him. "Yeah?"

"Kiss me?"

Yu blinked at him several times, and then frowned. He was getting his fantasy mixed up with reality. "Huh?"

"K-kiss me, please," Yosuke stammered.

The puzzled look remained on Yu's face. He worked his jaw as he struggled to come up with a coherent response.

"I'm not stupid," Yosuke said. "I've seen the looks you give me when you think I'm not looking."

The shock had worn off, leaving Yu merely bewildered. His mind seemed to be chugging along at a snail's pace.

"Look," Yosuke said frankly, "if you're not gonna... I guess it's up to me."

Before Yu knew it, Yosuke stepped right into his personal space. Suddenly those lips that had looked so kissable earlier were coming right for him.

When they were there, pressed against his own, that's when Yu sighed, a long sigh full of all the relief he felt in that moment. It caused the kiss to break apart for a moment, but he was quick to draw Yosuke into a longer kiss, one that made Yosuke make a noise that sounded very close to a moan.

"There," Yosuke whispered less than an inch from his lips, so close that his next words brushed their lips together. "Was that so hard?"

"Yosuke, I..." Yu began, but Yosuke shushed him.

"It's all right," Yosuke said. "I've known for a while. That you're not just my best friend."

"It's... It's okay to want to kiss your best friend," Yu managed.

"Not the way I want to kiss." Yosuke's eyes were narrowed, focused entirely on Yu's mouth. There was a moment's hesitation, and then he closed the distance.

Their noses bumped and their teeth clashed, but it was okay, because Yosuke was so eager, it felt like it was out of a dream. "This is real, right?" Yu stopped to ask.

"I could pinch you if you'd like," Yosuke offered. "But..."

His hesitation only made Yu curious. "But what?"

"I might..." Yosuke paused again, his face turning a deeper shade of red than it already was. "I might... pinch your butt instead."

There was no way this was real.

"It's real," Yosuke assured him. "I like you, and... I don't know. It's a little frightening, but I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"Me neither!" Yu said. "That's why it was so hard to..."

"Sometimes," Yosuke said, "you just need to reach out and grab it."

Dream or not, Yosuke was asking for it. Yu put his arms around Yosuke and grabbed his ass with both hands. "Like this?" he breathed.

"I-I thought I was supposed to be the one pinching you!"

Despite his embarrassment, Yosuke didn't pull away, instead he squeezed his arms under Yu's so he could do exactly the same thing. It felt weird, having hands on the seat of his pants, but Yu was too deliriously happy about this turn of events to care.

"I like you," Yu was inspired to announce.

"Yeah," said Yosuke, smiling softly, shyly, back at him.

They kissed again, and when they separated, they stared into each other's eyes for quite some time. As the quiet moment turned into several quiet moments, Yu began to accept that it wasn't a dream. Yosuke was here, he was holding him and wanting him close. Yu knew they'd have a lot to talk about soon, a lot to figure out, but for now, he was just happy to enjoy the moment—happy that he no longer had to pretend.

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Fandom: Persona 4 
Pairing: Yosuke/Yu
Rating: Teen
Category: M/M
Summary: Sometimes it's just hard to get out of bed.
Author's notes: This is a crosspost from AO3 and ffnet.

It was 11:15 am, and well-past time to get up. Yosuke wondered only for a moment what had tired him enough to make him sleep in so late, because the answer was lying right next to him: Yu.

Yeah, they'd had a busy night.

Yu was currently sleeping on his side, facing Yosuke. He was wearing a loose-fitting set of pajamas and its top was riding up under him. One of his hands was curled into a fist by his face on the pillow, and his other hand was hidden somewhere under the sheets, which were half-off since they'd shifted during the night.

Yosuke himself didn't wear pajamas; he preferred to wear an undershirt and boxer-briefs at night—though he'd shed the undershirt so long ago it was only a distant memory.

Yosuke smiled to himself, then yawned and stretched languidly on the bed they shared. Then he rolled over, intending to get up, but he found his legs suddenly weighted down.

"Partner," he stated, naming the culprit. He tried to untangle his legs from Yu's under the sheets, but the man wasn't budging, determined, apparently, to keep him in place.

Yu's eyes didn't even open. "Stay in bed with me," he murmured.

"It's 11:17," Yosuke pointed out. "By now we've usually done all the grocery shopping for the week. We're way behind schedule."

"Schedule, schmedule," Yu mumbled, waving a hand flippantly, almost hitting Yosuke in the face. "Stay here." He patted the space next to him that Yosuke had already half-vacated.

After a moment, Yosuke let out an over-exaggerated sigh and dropped back down onto the bed, making the mattress bounce. At least his spot was still warm.

"That's better," Yu murmured. He cuddled up to Yosuke, found his arm, and hugged it to his chest.

He seemed content to remain like that. Yosuke indulgently watched him for a moment, then leaned in and planted his lips against his partner's in a soft kiss.

Yu's eyelids fluttered open. Those silver eyes suddenly trained on his made Yosuke shy all of a sudden, so he ended the kiss.

Yu made a 'tsk tsk' sound and pulled him back down into something more lingering. Yosuke soon felt fingers running through his hair. He found his arm had been freed from Yu's grasp, so he wrapped his hand around his partner's neck, steadying himself as he shifted onto his side so that he could face his partner on the bed. It was a little difficult since his lower half was still trapped under said partner's legs.

Yu made a very pleased sound when they separated, and his eyes remained half-lidded as he gazed at Yosuke with quiet affection. The look he wore was one that Yosuke loved and hoped he might never get used to—it wasn't something he wanted ever to take for granted.

They remained there for some time, simply gazing into each other's eyes as if memorizing what they saw in them. Yu's eyes reminded Yosuke of fog—not a cold or gloomy fog, but something warm like the steam rising from a hot spring. He could see his own reflected in them...

"Did you sleep well?" Yu asked softly, breaking the peaceful silence.

Yosuke shrugged as best he could in the position he was in. "I would have, if those cats going at it outside hadn't woke me up in the middle of the night."

Yu's chest rumbled in amusement as he chuckled. "They were only following our lead."

Yosuke batted him lightly with the back of his hand in an "oh, you," manner, but Yu caught his hand and held it in front of him. He turned it this way and that, as if inspecting it, but by the thoughtful look on his face, he wasn't even seeing it.

Yu gently put Yosuke's hand down on the bed between them, then rested his own on top of it. He continued to stare at their hands. Yosuke began to tickle Yu's palm by curling the fingers of his trapped hand.

Yu suddenly began to grin. It was quite a sight, like he'd earned an interesting new Persona or something.

"What's so funny?" Yosuke asked, intrigued.

"You're playing with my hand," Yu explained.

"So?" Yosuke only just stopped himself from following up with 'you have nice hands.'

"It reminds me of how much it bothered you... You know, when we were first dating."

"Oh. Well, that's just it. We were first dating. Everything bothered me back then."

"Not anymore though, hmm?" Instead of waiting for an answer, Yu took Yosuke's hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to each of his knuckles, one by one.

"You're still embarrassing," Yosuke murmured. It was just that his tolerance had increased since then, now that he understood how genuine Yu was with his affection. "...I'm starting to lose feeling in my legs. Could you move?"

Yu sighed and moved his legs off Yosuke's, freeing them. Yosuke sat up somewhat to stretch them, but then found Yu pulling him close. He flailed a little before finding himself flat on top of his partner. They were chest to chest, belly to belly, now.

Yosuke blinked down at Yu's face, then smirked. "Well, this seems familiar," he said, and boy did Yu blush and look away.

Yosuke almost chortled, but then Yu was petting his hair, and it felt too good to ruin with petty teasing. He let his head rest on Yu's chest and soon closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of those beautiful fingers working on his scalp.

"If you were a cat," Yu murmured, "you'd be purring right now."

Yosuke had more pride than to attempt to purr or otherwise meow.

"I just... like having your weight on me," Yu confessed. His fingers were still brushing Yosuke's hair. "Is that weird?"

"You are plenty weird, partner," Yosuke murmured without opening his eyes. "A desire to be my pillow is kind of low on the list."

Yu tugged his hair in complaint, but without any real force.

Suddenly Yu was pushing him off, and a moment later Yosuke found their roles reversed—now Yosuke was on his back with Yu on top of him.

"You're a nice pillow too," Yu said, resting his head on Yosuke's bare chest just as he had been doing before. It was an odd feel; Yu's cheek was very warm against his breast, and a little scratchy since he hadn't yet shaved this morning. "A little bony, though."

"I can't help my metabolism."

"I know, but..." Yosuke felt Yu's fingers trailing down his bare chest down to his belly and then to his pelvic bone. "It bothers me that I can feel your ribs."

"I'm sorry," Yosuke said, mildly annoyed. There wasn't much he could do about it.

"But maybe it's okay," Yu murmured. He moved back, then lowered his head to Yosuke's belly, "because I can do this..."

He began to kiss his way up Yosuke's body, apparently trying to kiss each of his ribs.

It tickled.

"S-stop!" Yosuke began to giggle. He tried pushing his partner away, but Yu wasn't to be deterred. In the end, Yosuke turned onto his side and curled into a ball to block Yu's access to his sensitive belly.

"Aww," Yu complained.

Yosuke convulsed on the bed, trying to stop giggling and to catch his breath.

Yu was sitting back on his knees now. "Should I start calling you Yukiko?"

"If she's even a little ticklish," Yosuke muttered, "Chie probably doesn't get anywhere with her."

"My prince," Yu purred.

Yosuke swatted at him, and Yu just snickered.

A moment later Yu cuddled up against Yosuke's back, then wrapped arms around him from behind. Yosuke found Yu's fingers interlaced over his belly. Yosuke glared at them, believing they might start tickling, but Yu seemed to content just to spoon him.

Yosuke would normally be content, too, but there were things they had to do today. "Yu. We don't have anything for lunch, unless you want some old, expired cup noodles."

Yu made a thoughtful 'mmm' sound. He sounded like he might have almost fallen asleep behind Yosuke. "I thought I threw those away," he said, yawning the whole while.

"I think every home's cabinets aren't complete without a stray cup of instant noodles lurking in its depths."

"And Murphy's law says it has to be your least favorite flavor." Yu sighed. "Is it the spicy chicken one?"

Yosuke just chuckled, a low rumble in his throat. His partner was spot on.

"So," Yosuke said, gently pulling away from Yu but without any force to break out of his arms, "if we wanna eat, maybe we should get out of bed."

"I'm not hungry yet." With that announcement, Yu held him tighter and pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

Yosuke relented, unable to stop himself from smiling. It was nice, being in his partner's arms like this. He could forget about all his worries. And being Yosuke, he worried a lot... It was just in his nature.

"We should go somewhere," Yu murmured suddenly, right against Yosuke's skin. His breath was so distractingly warm that Yosuke almost didn't hear his words.

"What, like take a vacation?" Yosuke murmured back.

"Yeah. Why not next month? Where would you like to go?"

"Not Inaba?" Yosuke asked. They often took weekend trips to Inaba to visit Nanako and other friends. In fact, they'd just gone last weekend.

"No..." Yu answered slowly. "Somewhere just for us. Think about it some. There has to be a place you'd like to go."

Yosuke did think about it. Next month, huh...? He stirred as the answer came to him, turning around to face his partner with such excitement in his eyes that Yu smiled at him in anticipation. "Okinawa?"

Yu blinked, because that was an unexpected answer, but his confusion didn't dampen his excitement. "Sure, but why there?"

It dampened Yosuke's, though. He opened and closed his mouth, unwilling now to tell him. There was a reason he wanted to go there next month, but...


But Yu wouldn't be able to enjoy it with him, so now he felt all selfish. "W-well, there's a concert that'll be playing there," he admitted. "But..." He looked down, away from Yu's eyes.

"Ah, yeah, I'd rather not go to a concert," Yu said. "But I don't mind if you go out and have fun without me."

They'd gone to a rock concert together before, but Yu really wasn't comfortable around such rowdy crowds. It hadn't been enjoyable for him at all, though he'd pretended for Yosuke's sake, and although Yosuke could be ignorant sometimes, he had seen right through it.

He didn't want to make Yu go through that again.

"Yeah, it was a dumb idea," Yosuke said, speaking so quickly he was tripping over his words. "You don't want to go to Okinawa with me just so I can go to a dumb concert..."

Yu began to pet Yosuke's hair. "It's not dumb if you want to go to it. And..." Yu kissed his hair. "It's okay. I'm already coming up with other things I can do while you're at the concert."

Yosuke turned his head up to meet his eyes with a skeptical look.

"I'm sure I can find a good fishing spot," Yu said lightly.

Yosuke began to grin. "You... Yeah, that's..."

Yu kissed him again. "So we can go to Okinawa," he murmured into Yosuke's hair. "And we'll do our own thing that night, and meet up after."

"Sounds good to me."

"It sounds perfect," Yu corrected. "Perfect. Just like you."

"Oh, come off it," Yosuke protested, but he couldn't hide the pleased blush on his face. "There's nothing perfect about me."

"Oh? But your lips," Yu said, kissing him there. "They're perfect." He scooted down on the bed. "And your neck," – he kissed this too – "it's perfect. Your collarbone..."

"Stop, stop," Yosuke protested before he could go much lower.

"Your nipples," Yu said, "they're—"

Yosuke pushed Yu up by his forehead before the man could kiss him there. "Stop, stop!"

Yu laughed, and then laid back down on the bed to rest.

A moment later Yosuke closed the distance between them. "Besides," he murmured. "You're the perfect one."

Yu looked like he was about to say something, but Yosuke shut him up with a long, slow kiss on the lips, and Yu accepted it. They shared more than one kiss like that, letting their lips do the talking, until suddenly there was a rumbling against Yosuke's chest.

"Huh," said Yosuke. "So much for perfect."

"I guess I need some breakfast," Yu said sheepishly.

Yosuke glanced at the clock. It was past noon now. "More like lunch. Let's go out?"

Yu sighed heavily, and Yosuke could tell he just wanted to lounge around in bed some more.

"Let's not make the bed," Yosuke suggested.

Yu smiled and gave him another peck on the lips before finally getting up.

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